Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Faith--Going To The Other Side

When Jesus and the disciples set out from shore after a day in which Jesus had healed many people, cast out demons and performed many other miracles, He, said "let's go to the other side".  The disciples, along with Jesus cast off from the shore and being tired Jesus went to the front of the boat to rest.
While they were sailing to the other side a storm arose and the boat began to take on water , the waves were crashing down upon them and the disciple were afraid that they would sink.
They woke Jesus from his rest and asked him how he could sleep through all this storm and was he going to let them drown in the middle of the lake? 

I can imagine that Jesus was not real pleased with his disciples for several reason but he got up immediately and spoke to the winds and the storm, telling them to be still and cease.   And no, be assured that Jesus did not speak in a very calm, low wimpy voice magnified with music, as is often portrayed in the movies.  The scripture says He orders the winds to stop and when one gives an order they do not speak in soft, low tone of voice.  I imagine it was more of a shout of  BE STILL!

After calming the storm Jesus turns to his  disciples and ask them, "where is you faith?"  Had the disciple so soon forgotten who they were on the boat with? Had they forgotten that Jesus had just healed many people right before their eyes? Had they not heard Jesus say, "Let go to the other side?"  Did they doubt Jesus when he said they were going to the other side?  

So many times we set out to do things that we know  God is leading us to do and then become afraid due to circumstances that surround us. 

Do we really think that Jesus will take us to the middle of the lake and then let our boat to sink after he has said, lets go to the other side?

Have you ever felt as if your "boat" was sinking in the middle of the lake?


sue hanes said...

Every Day - Ticker.

And not just everyday - but sometimes from minute to minute.

I am a Person of Great Faith - and a Faithless Coward - all at the same time.

It is God and His Son Jesus who have to reel me in constantly - to keep me from the falling into the Abyss - the edge of which I reside - all of the time.

Thanks - Ticker - for this Post - which speaks to me in most likely the Same Voice that Calmed the Storm.

Ticker said...

Glad the story from the Scripture could be of help.

Z said...

I often cheer my friends up (and myself) with "If Jesus brought you to it, don't you think he'll get you through it?"

I just heard my friend Orson Bean on Dennis Miller (talking about the wonderful Andrew in such a special hour) say "I'm not so political anymore..it's me, my wife, our grandchildren and Jesus"

I love that Orson's so open about his faith. And his conservatism, too.
His son (Andrew's wife's brother) just had a baby son on Wednesday and named him DALLAS (Orson's real first name) ANDREW BEAN. lovely

Ticker said...

Well Bro. Orson has a good first name. I am proud to wear the name of Dallas which came from my Uncle. No one knew his whereabouts when I was born. He was somewhere in Europe and later a POW from Dec. 44 until April of 45. He was found in a camp located in Czechoslovakia, very ill weighing 125 lbs . Very skinny for a 6-4 man.

I'm kinda country so I tell folks that he won't take you to the middle of the lake just to sink your boat so count on going to the other side.