Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday Music Time


Too often we only go to the Lord in prayer  in prayer when we need or want something. How often do we  just do as this songs says?: 

"I Just Came To Talk With You Lord" By Sheri Easter

Taking time to just come and talk will help eliminate a lot of the time we spend just asking for things we want because He already knows we need and will provide. 

Perhaps this is the day to do as this song says.


sue hanes said...

Thanks for that - Ticker.

I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear me say - Ticker - that even yesterday - I came to the realization - that when those who would be there for me - and count the most in my Life - just can't be - close to me - right now - for one reason or another - the Lord can be - close to me - ALL OF THE TIME.

So I've been calling on Him more and more - to help me out. To be there for me - in this REALLY HARD AND LONELY time of my life.

And it works - Ticker.

It helps.

It Really does.

Thanks Ticker.

Ticker said...

Sue, I have been around many years, probably several more than you and what you have said it true. When everything around you seems to be falling apart and there is no one to talk to you can always go to the Lord. He has said that He will NEVER forsake or leave us.
He makes the lonely times, the fearful times, the uncertain times into close times when we go to Him.

I am glad that the song has had a special meaning for you.

sue hanes said...

You know - Ticker - I hate to USE the Lord - just for emergencies - I like to think that I'm Faithful to him all of the time - but darn -it's like 911 - if ya need it - then use it.

And that's what I'm gonna do.

Thanks - Ticker.

You know when it come to crunch time - you do what you can to survive.

Z said...

Ticker, that singer was so moved that was even more touching than 'just the song', she had a cold she was singing through. Probably she'd gone to the Lord about singing thru that, too. I know the feeling but she knows how to hunker down and sing and it worked beautifully.
Thanks for this...what very sweet words, and how true.

I'm a core group leader at a nationwide bible study and one of my ladies who's in her seventies joined us about a month ago...she has had awful health problems and has decided she can't come anymore after all, though she loved it. When I promised her we'd keep her on our prayer chain in our group, she emailed back how grateful she was for all I'd been to her and thanked me for keeping her on the prayer chain "though I don't believe in it" :-)
I know her life story well as she was in my first core group 9 years ago and then lied to me and left....she's very difficult, very messed up...and so fragile because of guilt. Yet doesn't know that.
And she was a shrink by trade for a while and doesn't see what she's suffering from. GUILT.
She told my core group about how she'd gone to a fortune teller years ago (this is while we were discussing how God considers all divination sin!! 1 Samuel) and how this fortune teller exactly called her future correctly!...she said her marriage (the next day, to a pastor) wouldn't last (it didn't) and she told her she'd meet a wonderful man and marry him (she did).....The ladies in my group just kind of ogled her and I couldn't add, but wished I could.. "Of course, the fortune teller's future for J was evil, because J's husband she's got now, in order to marry her, left a wife and six sons...none of whom have spoken to him in about 35 years"...imagine?
divination........not a good thing. They might know, but it's satan who's told them.
She and I aren't through...I know that. I think she's a little too far gone, but God can work miracles and I hope he uses me for her. what's good this time around with her is that I've had to forgive her for what she did 9 years ago and have, and have been able to help her.

Also, what I think convicts her more than anything is that she's been touched and stunned by the goodness of all the girls in our core group; I believe she feels undeserving and needs to escape the light. poor thing..she has REAL trust issues because SHE hasn't been trustworthy.

Ticker said...

Z What a sad story but one that is so often repeated and true. It is true that guilt can cause so many of the problems that we face but we just won't admit it. For those who have been set free they know that all it takes is just laying it down at the Cross because Jesus died to take away all of our guilty and sin.

John 8:36
Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.