Friday, October 12, 2012

Obama and the New America

John Adams rightfully said, “Our constitution is made only
for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to
the government of any other.”
America is no longer amoral and religious people, so what has become of our Constitution?
Our Constitution has been maligned and distorted by liberal judges who make false interpretations and prejudiced misapplications, considering it an outdated document that must evolve with the changing times, and subject to the interpretations of those in
Such a unique and magnificent document has in many ways
been wasted on the immoral mob that clamors for its protection
but rewrites it to further their leftist agenda. Dissolution of the
fabric of society, the disintegration of our morals has paved the
way for the immoral majority to capture our country at the
voting booth. And when they did, activist liberal judges were not
far behind. Soon to follow, the beginning of tyranny and the end
of freedom.

Freedom coexists with moral behavior and individual constraints.
Self-rule only works for those with self under subjection. A
people  who do not have themselves under subjection (control) ultimately only respond to a dictatorship.
Absent the  Judeo/Christian code of ethics and its inherent limits on behavior,humanist relativism takes over, eventually followed by anarchy.

Their remedy—the tyrannical rule of a dictator accompanied by
the brute force of his ego unleashed on all who stand in his way.
Absent the moral code, America is ripe for a dictatorship
where the ignorant masses are manipulated by their “organizers”
to accept enslavement to the all-knowing one. This, their Anointed
One, will meet all their needs as if the means to do so are just
created (by him) and not extorted from the “evil ones” who
actually work for a living, trying to save a little and help the less
fortunate along the way.

Barack Obama is the Anointed One. He entered the political
scene from out of nowhere and has been wildly successful almost
beyond belief. It is as if he has been supernaturally empowered by
“The Force”—the forces of darkness and deception from the
prince of the power of the air, Satan himself.
Obama embodies (Please note and don't twist the words since no one is saying Obama is the Anti-Christ) the spirit of Antichrist—deceitful eloquence
with a lust for power, hatred for his enemies, and the use of any
means to achieve his goals. He is always right and has all the
answers. Everything bad is somebody else’s fault, and only he can
fix the mess they made. He is repulsed by criticism. He demands
to have his way much like a spoiled child. All who oppose him
must be silenced. He holds no national allegiance or certification
of birth—the world is his stage, his playground if you will, his entourage
of cult worshipers. (This of course are traits of one who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.)

Obama masks this Antichrist spirit and NPR with a façade of the faithful.
He claims to be a Christian but pushes an anti-Christian, Marxist
agenda. Marx was no Christian, nor did he care for Christianity or
believe in its God. Obama’s mentors, associations, and advisors
are Marxists. His tactics are radical (à la Saul Alinsky), so
antithetical to those of Christianity. Above all, he is a liar, and a clever
one at that. The way he twists and tortures the truth with that
straight face of his staggers the mind of those who have the
stomach to listen to him.

As a doctrinaire Marxist, he shares the international left’s
disdain for America, no matter what he might say to the contrary.
His executive orders and hastily passed legislation only accelerate
the demise of America, a point at which we will be, at least, no
more than par with other countries.  With... all his Marxist heritage and deceptive eloquence, will bankrupt America, with that as his apparent goal.
He is just using this fair land, what is left of our prosperity, to further the causes of Marx and internationalism.

Marx would be so proud of the way Obama nationalizes vital
American industries or brings his union buddies in as partner-owners
with him. (Example General Motors) He fires “greedy” capitalist CEOs at will with hardly a
whimper of protest from the state-run propaganda machine.
He boasts an army of slavish foot soldiers and an array of Czar
coordinators to fight the revolution in the trenches while he
directs everything from his white house. He can depend on undying
support from the ranks of ACORN, organized labor (a Marxist
tool), peaceniks, feminists, civil rights groups, environmentalists,
and especially, the press and media.
Almost every informational and entertainment outlet in America
covers for him and exalts him as their Anointed One. He is their
mouthpiece, their hammer and sickle for radical change and for
mowing down the opposition. The media elected Obama and will
keep him in power, regardless of how much damage he does to

The press surely protects him, but he also hides behind a
smokescreen of innocuous sounding words like “social justice”
(code for communism), “equality” (who could deny people of
that?) and “security” (secure from want). But to get to his utopian
paradise free from want and class distinction, he would abolish
private enterprise and the private ownership of the means of production.
The taking of “evil” profits has to go. He must question
why anyone should be rewarded for their creativity, inventiveness,
and investment of capital.

Obama sees a “planned economy” as the only way to achieve
his redistributive ends, and that, in and of itself, calls for a
government that is oppressive and tyrannical, with a leader that is
necessarily dictatorial.

Coming soon : The New Slave Class and One Party Rule

Excerpts taken from The End Of Old America by Thomas Reed   Available soon at Laurus Books 

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