Monday, October 15, 2012

Obama, Creating a" New Slave Class"?

   Obama befriends avowed communists, Marxist professors and
anti-American radicals for good reason—they have similar beliefs.
He hires anti-white racists, socialists, and homosexual activists to
his cadre of advisors for good reason—they have similar beliefs.
He sits under the tutelage of a black liberation, white-hating, Jew hating, theologian for twenty years for good reason—they have
similar beliefs.
Is Obama a black racist? You decide for yourself. One thing we
do know—he is creating a new slave class, and for the most part,
they(the leftist) don’t look like the ones brought over on boats a few centuries back.

Ironical, isn’t it? Roles have reversed. Obama is the new
slaveholder, the new Master of a whole group of “cotton picking”
taxpayers who though not in jail are still not free.
The walls of Obama’s serfdom are invisible yet nonetheless
imprison his subjects with the ball and chain of repressive laws,
regulations, and unrepresented taxation, from which there is no
escape. There is no place to go (except to jail).

The new slave class, which includes most small business owners,
have no real voice but are taxed mercilessly to support the
non-producers who by virtue of their mass voting power get their
way. This is especially true now with a liberal Marxist in the White
House and with his ilk polluting both houses of Congress with
superior numbers  and those with even less concern for the fate of honest, hard working Americans.

As if unconstitutional taxation is not enough, Obama and his
slave drivers in Congress have a lot more flogs to lay on the backs
of their unpurchased possessions.  Maybe that is the underlying objective of these programs:
• Affirmative Action
• Quotas
• Housing Grants
• Community Redevelopment
• Racial Preferences
• Wasting trillions on Welfare
• Federal and State Relief Programs
• Food Stamps
• Government-run Health Care
• Minimum Wage Increases ad infinitum
• Sub-prime Loans to people who could never repay

On the surface, these might be considered noble causes, if
they were done with liberals’ money alone and not confiscated
funds, and if they only impacted the liberals’ world. But we have
to consider the harmful effects on the morale and take home pay
of the non-liberal working class. Furthermore, these and other
similar programs have severely undermined America’s competitiveness in the global marketplace. Whatever happened to filling positions with the most qualified and pay being commensurate with a person’s contribution to the product?

With the onset of ObamaNOcare this year and more coming in 2014 the  "new slave class" will be increased. The additional taxes included in ObamaNOcare will kill more jobs thus putting more people on the "plantation" controlled by the Liberals. Under his failed policies the number of people on food stamps has doubled, the number of people below the poverty level has increased dramatically, the average income of wage earners has decreased by over $4500 per year and it will get worse under another Obama term of office. Of course there are many who will rebel at the idea of being put on the "plantation" and these people will be dealt with as terrorist.


Always On Watch said...

Well, here we are on the weekend after the 2012 General Election.

Apparently, WE THE PEOPLE have chosen socialism via the ballot box.

Pray for America.

We are no longer living in America. We are living in "America."

Ticker said...

You are so right. Be sure to read the two latest post in which I speak to that very subject.