Wednesday, July 19, 2017


How can you tell if you are one of  the new Americans?  

The new American has been conditioned by the liberal humanist
machine to look like this: They hates their country. After all, what is in a country, a glob of dirt with trees and grass and lots of weeds?
You can get that anywhere on the globe. 
Keep your flag to yourself; just show me the money. Sadly, new Americans don’t care what happens to their country so long as the checks keep coming. Your country for a bowl of soup. So, the new American strengthens the world at the expense of America. 

They brag about Castro and Hugo Chavez. They apologize incessantly for his country’s imperialistic behavior. 

They support the anti-American United Nations. 

They are in favor of sending billions in foreign aid to countries that hate us and to international money distributors who do the same. 

They are  the ones who allow millions of illegal
aliens to enter and stay (and vote) in America and call those who ask that they assimilate racist.  

The new Americans care not for our heritage and Christian
traditions, much less the dogmas of the Christian faith. 

They legalize baby murder, homosexual marriages,  they force "Transgending" operations to be performed by the US military and have training for females on how to shower with a Transgender. 

The family unit is an unnecessary, often harmful especially to the environment, and is an anachronism to them. Population control excites them. Global warming or Climate change people call for fewer children and end the life of the old and sick.  Population control is a means to then end without consequences and that is one reason feminism and homosexuality get such fanfare. 

They have an intense hatred of males... the instigators of what they see as a mess to begin with.  

They have killed an entire generation of our babies who could have supplied labor,teachers, doctors, soldiers, more honest politicians (closing in on an oxymoron) all without blinking an eye, unless someone threatens to take away their funding to continue their nefarious ways.   

They oppose anyone who dares speak the truth or disagree with their ideology.  

They shut down speakers on college campuses who would dare disagree with them or who perhaps is the wrong color.. that being white it seems and coming from those who are white.. now there is an oxymoron.  

They riot in the streets because their candidate did not win an elections. They call for unrest until the duly elected President is removed from office regardless of how it may come about even through lies and manipulation.  And they get away with all of this because they control the media where journalism died many years ago. 

The new American has been robbed of their responsibility, accountability, and freedom. Everything is planned for them by  the far left media and social engineering congress critters and judges. They have no ability to think for themselves but rather, like lemmings ,will run willy nilly over the nearest cliff because they are told to do so.   

They voted for legislators who passed anti-American, capitalist-killing legislation, plus laws and rulings promoting or leading to Marxist ideals, illegitimate births, abortion on demand, broken homes, feminism, increased crime rates, LGBT special rights, environmental militants, and unilateral disarmament. 

They voted to regulate prices and profits, for pork barrel spending, for unread and hastily passed legislation, for robbing the “rich” and redistributing to the “under -privileged,” for cradle-to-grave mothering by the state.  

So how does this stack up with what we are seeing a cross this great country today?   Where do you fit in with this New American definition?  Most of you won't but there are some who will read this who will fit the bill perfectly or perhaps not so perfectly depending on the definition of perfect.  

Is there a way of turning this New American into a real American or is all lost on them?  
Have they not realized that being a part of the New American group has cost them election after election in Congressional seats and governorships over the past 10 years and five elections just since 2016?   
Evidently not but perhaps education in some form will help stem the tide of the wave that has swept over this country called New Americans.  

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