Saturday, May 24, 2008

John McCain Distances Himself from the Far Right

John McCain has distanced himself from the far right wing driven by John Hagee and others. It is about time!

In “The Battle for Texas” I wrote: "On the Republican side, it seems that it is time for the full effect of an Alamo to fall on Huckabee. He has stuck around too long and, like company and fish, he is beginning to be bothersome and is beyond stink. He has performed his Judas kiss, and it's time for him to take his thirty pieces of silver and go.Meanwhile, Hagee, the wannabe Kingmaker from San Antonio, joined in with the small group of American Taliban (Don Wildmon, Tony Perkins, James Dobson, et al), and by offering his support to McCain, has done no more good than the crowd standing in Pilate's court cheering "crucify him" when McCain's name is mentioned. This band of Pharisees and Saducees has done their harm, and it's time for them to get out of the political scene before they completely destroy this country. Their brand of agenda-driven Theo-politics has no business in the political arena."

The NYT wrote today that they considered it about time that McCain denounced the endorsement of far right wing Pastor John Hagee. From their writing it would cause some to think that Sen. McCain was a member of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio that Hagee pastors. Nothing is farther from the truth. It would cause some to think that Sen. McCain went out actively seeking Hagee’s endorsement, he did not but did thank the Rev Hagee for his support just as any political figure would thank someone in such a position for an endorsement. McCain even went as far as to say that while he didn’t always see eye to eye with the Rev. Hagee the support of him and the party was appreciated. McCain’s acceptance of such endorsement is not the same as sitting in a church pew for over 20 years listening to the ranting of Rev. Wright as Obama has done. McCain’s acceptance of such endorsement does not mean that he endorses Rev. Hagee’s stand on any particular subject, unlike being a regular member of such a congregation where hate is preached.

As far back as January and February I was saying that the GOP and who ever is nominated should separate themselves from the so called Kingmakers(Where are the Kingmakers) . I stated emphatically that this group would and has caused more harm to the GOP in the past 8 years than their endorsements and support were worth and I stand by that statement today. I stated in Where Does the GOP Go from Here that “The Conservative Moderates in the party are tired of the religious far right being the “Kingmakers” in the party, and giving in to the Huckabee camp by declaring him VP nominee would be to yet again surrender to them. The conservative moderates, as well as the centrists, showed their displeasure with this faction of the Party in the '06 Congressional elections by weeding out some of the more right-leaning candidates who were up for re-election. Look for more to fall. Hopefully, the GOP has broken the stranglehold that the religious far right has held since ’96 and will move back to the roots of real GOP. Perhaps then they will find the unity necessary to allow them to govern once again without having to bow to the altar of the far right.”

I am not saying that there is no place for faith in God in politics but I am saying that there is no room for a theocratic agenda in politics any more than there is a place for the secularist agenda so revered by the far left. Both sides need to stay out of the arena. The Falwell’s, the Dobson’s and Perkin’s and Redmond’s who have attempted to be the Kingmakers have seen that their days are numbered and it’s time to take religion out of politics. Even Jesus said that we are to yield(give) to Caesar(government) the things of Caesar(government) and unto God the things of God. He said no where that they should be commingled.

McCain should distance himself from the likes of John Hagee and others on the far right who use religion as a tool for personal recognition. John Hagee began setting himself up as a demagogue as early as 1968 when he pastored a small church in the Rainbow Hills area of San Antonio. He was autocratic and theocratic in his preaching and teaching and focused growth for the well being of John Hagee and not for the glory of God. I know his methods well for I attended his church as a young Airman stationed at Lackland AFB and I questioned his brand of theology then and understand that I was correct in my discernment of his agenda. His radical teaching has crossed the line of basic theology and wallows at alter false teaching/preaching and hate. He is using his position as a wannabe ‘Kingmaker’ and ‘the king’ he wishes to install is not “The King” of the New Testement but his “king” to further empower his far right wing agenda.

McCain was very correct in distancing himself from such people. The sooner the GOP understands that there is as much danger in the far right wing as in the far left the sooner the GOP will get back to it’s roots. The far right has highjacked the Grand Old Party and attempted to make it “God’s Own Party”. That is totally wrong and soon may such ideology fail. The Grand Old Party was founded and planted on the same foundation of this country and has it’s roots deep in the teaching of God, not religion, for there is a great difference. Religiosity has been the downfall of the real GOP, the Church and Christianity for that matter.

Of course the far left liberal rag NYT has attempted to use this as a weapon against Sen. McCain and somehow try to show the same connection between Hagee and others as the connection of 20 years between Obama and the Rev. Wright. This is disingenuous at best but then what does one expect from the far left liberal Obamazombies at the NYT. The NYT has yet to question why it took Obama so long to denounce the Rev. Wright but yet they attempt to slay Sen. McCain for the endorsement of less than one year of Hagee and others. Where is the real connection. Only those who fall for the far left line and have no ability to think for themselves would even attempt to make such a connection.

Now Sen. McCain continue your stand on cutting spending and maintaining a strong national defense and you will find yourself in much better condition than if you had maintained your relationship with the likes of Hagee and the far right wing of the party.


Anonymous said...

"I am not saying that there is no place for faith in God in politics but I am saying that there is no room for a theocratic agenda in politics any more than there is a place for the secularist agenda so revered by the far left."

This says it all Dallas. BB

Faultline USA said...

Excellent post. There is no room for so-called “religious” hate-mongers in either McCain’s or Obama’s campaign. And those who try to make an equivalency between Hagee’s endorsement of McCain to Obama’s 20 year pew-sitting under “Rev.” Wright, are also hate-mongers!

Bubba said...

"And those who try to make an equivalency between Hagee’s endorsement of McCain to Obama’s 20 year pew-sitting under “Rev.” Wright, are also hate-mongers!"

"Partisan hacks", also. But we knew that already, didn't we?

Anonymous said...

Ticker you are correct but there is also no room for the virulent anti-semitism that is rampant in the Omaba camp and can be expected to be policy if he is, God forbid , to the everlasting harm of this country, elected POTUS.

Fred Gregory

Ticker said...

Correct Fred. Some say that Hagee's remarks were made out of hate but I contend that his were made out of ignorance of interpretation of the Scripture which he does to suit his own agenda. Wright's however are made out of hatred for all that are not black in accordance to his Black Theology teachings which teaches hatred of all things not Black or not kowtowing to the every whim of Blacks. His teaching is not unlike that of the Islamic fanatics.

Ticker said...

Let me continue to say, after an interruption that I do not believe that there is room for hatred period.
Unfortunately the Obama camp and those who support him seems to exude hatred out of their very pores. Those who have been around him for years such as Ayers etal have certainly shown their hatred for everything other than their own agenda and especially everything to do with this country. Were there not from influential background they would be serving or would have served long terms in jail. Too many of Obama's current crop of associates, new followers and old have this hatred problem. He seem oblivious to it or perhaps so arrogant that it doesn't matter to him. For him to dare anyone to question his associations and those of his wife is the height of arrogance. His ego and arrogance will be his downfall.