Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama's VP Possibilities

I picked up on the speculations of possibilities for Obama’s VP and here is my take on the “chosen”. Also in the summation is what the stubborn far-right is going to have to do to stop Obama and it ain’t staying at home and refusing to vote like spoiled children who don’t get their way in the sand box.

Joseph Biden, 65 - The senator from Delaware, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Another Senator and not perhaps a good idea for another Senator on the ticket

Wesley Clark, 63 - A retired Army general and former NATO commander who ran unsuccessfully for the presidential nomination in 2004,. A loser who couldn’t even rally the troops to carry enough votes to make a dent. However it would be a great McGovern type ticket. Two anti-war on the same ticket and it would be 68 and 72 all over again.

Hillary Clinton, 60 – It ain’t gonna happen. Hillary’s supporters don’t want her as VP they want her as POTUS. Obama folks don’t want the Clintons but then the division that would cause could create even a larger margin of victory for McCain.

Chris Dodd, 64 - The Connecticut senator, a fluent Spanish speaker and expert in Latin American issues, is the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee:

An intelligent individual who should have been the front runner in the race and would have a had a great chance of winning the WH.

Chuck Hagel, 61 - The Republican senator from Nebraska, a conservative Vietnam veteran but outspoken critic of the Iraq war, would help Obama reach out to independents and Republicans and reinforce his promise to bridge partisan divides. Again another anti-war voice which would be shades of McGovern and a certain defeat. Hagel brings even a bigger arrogant ego than Obama. That will guarantee a McCain victory

Tim Kaine, 50 - The Virginia governor: Too unknown even with his term in the congress and now Governor of VA. The Dems should consider him for a run next time around

Sam Nunn, 69 - The former Armed Services Committee chairman from Georgia is a respected foreign and military policy voice, Too conservative for Obama and would make a better Republican VP choice than a Dem. He is more in line with Republican voter values than with the Dem voters

Ed Rendell, 64 - The Pennsylvania governor has been one of Clinton's strongest campaigners and he could help woo her supporters and help deliver a key state. He would turn off most of the hard headed far right Republicans because of his stand on partical birth abortion and abortion in general plus other issues that make up the Dem platform. No cross over voters for him on the ticket.

Bill Richardson, 60 - New Mexico governor, a Hispanic, could help with Latino vote: Unfortunately Bill blew it with his endorsement of Obama. He might have had a chance to take the nomination had he acted like he was serious in the beginning. He blew it with the independents and swing voters.

Kathleen Sebelius, 60 - Two-term governor of Kansas could bring some vital elements to the ticket: She is not interested. She may make her own run for POTUS after Obama is defeated.

Ted Strickland, 66 - The governor of Ohio,. As they say, Ted Who?

Jim Webb, 62 - The first-term Virginia senator, Vietnam veteran and former secretary of the Navy. His arrogance out does Obama and he has made few friends in the Congress. He is anti-war and that would loose him the vote of many vets in this country. Too many don’t appreciate his views on Iraq and feel that he has, like Kerry, betrayed them in some ways. I would not vote for him. His record as Sec of Navy under Clinton would be a good tool for McCain since he was behind the Naval cuts during Clintons massacre of the military and the intel community.

Obama will have to find a southerner that the folks can identify with and I don’t see this as a possibility. He won’t draw enough votes in the South except from the Black community and the few elitist in academia in the south to even think about carrying those states. Without the south and the west he can’t win. Bill Richardson is a westerner but has trouble carrying anything other than the Latino vote as shown by his poor showing in the beginning of the nomination season.

Should he pick someone like Webb who could possibly carry some of the White luggage in some southern states the far right will have to get over their religiosity and remember there is no perfect candidate outside of Jesus and he is not running. They will never find a perfect candidate regardless of who runs. McCain may not be their choice but at least he stands with them on the abortion issue and the marriage issue. He may have looked at civil unions and found little to object to in those but his stance is still marriage is between one man and one woman. The so called Kingmakers for the far right had better get their act together and bring their flock into the fold for McCain or they will face defeat on every hand for their issues. They will think the Tribulation has begun. Once the far left agenda is in place it is a fact that there will be no turning back the hands of time to rid themselves of what they stubbornly allowed to happen by not voting for McCain. They will have no one to blame except themselves.


Anonymous said...

Minister Louis Farrakhan or Bill Ayers for VP ?

Fred Gregory

Ticker said...

No but I wouldn't doubt some cabinet post or a UN position. Does that sound about right Fred?

Anonymous said...

Obama's Top 10 Worst VP Choices

Fred Gregory