Thursday, June 12, 2008

Texas schools and Islamic Indoctrination

Pete Morrison, Of the Pete Morrison Report, a conservativeTexas blog and newsletter wrote a very interesting article in his most recent newsletter. Sometime Pete is a bit to the right for me on some subjects but in this particular instance I happen to agree with him and wish to share what he wrote. For those of you not in Texas, remember, Texas is a fairly conservative state with some very solid conservative ideals. If this is happening in Texas, just think what is happening in your state. Please note his reference to Council on American-Islamic Relations, an Islamic group with strong ties to terrorist and also ties to one Barack Hussein Obama, the Democrat nominee for President of the US.

I believe the article deserves reading by all regardless of the state in which you live. Take time to read and then think if it is or could happen in your town or state.

Texas ISD Promotes Islam

Schools are where young minds are shaped, molded. Each school day
teachers spend seven, eight hours with students - our children -
and have the profound ability to impact their minds in both a
positive and negative manner.

Yet while most of our teachers have a genuine concern for the
education of our children, the liberal elites in our country see
public schools as the front line, trying to promote a
counter-culture - one that is at war with traditional America.
Multicultural-promoting textbooks have distorted our nation's past
and its heroes, accusing them of a railing litany of crimes and
oppression of indigenous people and non-Christians.

Now the sights of the bureaucrats in charge are aimed squarely at
our children and the hope is to indoctrinate them into hating and
despising their culture and their history. Inoculation is
difficult, particularly when good teachers are forced to use
textbooks that are littered with distortions and half-truths about
our nation's history.

Even worse was the recent presentation at Friendswood Junior High
near Houston, a 30-minute lecture on Islamic life- part of a
yearlong parade of "respect", "tolerance" and "cultural awareness"
that serves to re-educate our children. As you can guess, the only
thing this "tolerance" finds intolerable is traditional Christian,
Texan culture and civilization.

The two guest speakers discussed topics covering various aspects of
Muslim culture - religion, food, dress, practices and famous
Mohammedians. These speakers were not historians merely giving a
historically accurate survey, but two female Muslim proselytizers
from the Houston branch of the Council on American-Islamic
, a group with strong ties to terrorist organizations.

The topics of the talk included:

* What is Islam?
* Adam, Noah, and Jesus: All Prophets
* There Is One God Named Allah
* The 5 Pillars of Islam
* Islamic Prayer: 5 Times a Day
* The 5 Stances of Islamic Prayer
* Islamic Dress
* Ramadan
* Famous Muslims

Now had this happened in a liberal bastion like New York or
California, such anti-Western propaganda might be par for the
course. But this is Texas!

When news of a 1984-like-Orwellian-style, one-sided discussion of a
religion that has declared war on the West reached the children's
homes, parents didn't only ask, "What did you learn at school
today?," they got mad. Very mad.

Letters were written espousing the anger and frustration that the
principal of the school, Robin Lowe, had failed to let the parents
know of the program and the talk. The school district spokesman
even acknowledged this failing, although bemoaning that Lowe had
the best of intentions in arranging the talk.

She has since been asked for her resignation from the school and
has taken on the role of test coordinator.

The policy of the District clearly states "parents are to be
informed about the purpose and content of presentations so that
they can keep their children out if they think the material might
be offensive or inappropriate."

This report would argue that a so-called 'fair' assessment of Islam
would probably be considered highly offensive and inappropriate.

A parent whose child is an eighth grader at the school told The
Houston Chronicle that she was very upset about the inappropriate

"We can't say 'One nation under God' in school, so I definitely
don't think (the presentation) was the right choice," she said.
"I'm not a prejudiced person ... but Muslims, from what I know of
the faith, don't want to be incorporated with Americans. Look at
what's going on in the world right now, with the war and with 9/11."

Whenever you read of classes or yearlong festivals that will expose
our children to "multicultural" information - Afrocentric views of
history, Islam, Chinese or other cultures - you should step back
for a second and contemplate. Are the children actually learning
about another culture, or are they learning to hate their own?

Traditional Americans are constantly lectured about the greatness
of other cultures and scolded for the supposed horrors of
Imperialism and our own culture. Yet, how many hours are being
wasted in China on learning about the moral superiority of Western
Civilization and the amoral nature of The Boxer Rebellion? China
is too busy taking our jobs and building up their military to waste
any time on such self-destructive education and behavior.

As the news broke about the Islamic lecture, the Houston Chronicle
was aghast that "ignorant" parents would have the gall and audacity
to question the educational methods chosen by a principal. How dare
someone question the rule of a liberal potentate and undermine her

Imagine the opposite outrage by the Chronicle had an administrator
allowed a Christian speaker to discuss in 30 minutes the virtues of
the faith that once held sway over this nation. Indeed, the unholy
trinity of anti-American acronyms, the ACLU, the ADL and PFAW would
have all joined in chorus condemning such an action. But in this
incident, they were silent, proving that their stated objectives of
"tolerance" and "separation of church and state" are nothing more
than fronts for their war on the traditional people and faith of
this country.

But this country is waking up. Thanks to the Internet and email,
the people on our side are communicating and organizing
spontaneously, even on the small scale of a local school district.
Ten years ago, this would not have happened, and the grassroots
outcry from concerned parents caught this liberal administrator by
complete surprise.

What this story demonstrates bluntly is simple: raising your voice
will work. Writing letters to your children's schools voicing
concerns, even righteous anger, over how education is being
practiced does produce results. Good ones.

More importantly, festivals of falsities - such as the notion that
Islam is a religion of peace - will not and cannot be accepted.

This kernel of good news shows that good people can make a change,
albeit at the local level. That's a great place to start!



Anonymous said...

Tic, I'm about to have a meltdown over this Supreme Court ruling on rights for foreigner and terrorists.
Any thoughts you have might help before I make a complete fool out myself. I'm really mad about this.
G Hogg

Ticker said...

They evidently forgot to read and understand the Constitution and the fact that it does not apply to those who are not citizens. I believe the outline of the rights we speak of starts off, We the People referring to the citizenry of this country , not some terrorist trying to destroy this country.
However I am no longer surprised by anything the SC does.

Ticker said...
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g-hogg you need to go over to another link and read this: