Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Bad NewsFor The Left

How many read about this in the LSM? I believe there might have been a hint a couple of weeks ago that such an event was to take place. I wonder now what those on the far left will have to say about WMD’s. Will the silence be deafening or will they just once again go on the attack and deny the facts that have , just as I predicted at the onset of the Iraq War, come to the forefront. Once again also it comes to light, as I predicted, that Valerie Plame lied, not only about this situation but the rest as well. Nothing like news coming to the front to make the far left rant, rave and cry.

Warfront with Jihadistan: Saddam’s yellowcake

The latest chapter of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program came to a close on Saturday when 550 metric tons of Iraqi “yellowcake” uranium arrived in Canada on a U.S.-flagged ship. In a secret operation that lasted several weeks, U.S. and Iraqi authorities removed the uranium from the Tuwaitha nuclear complex 12 miles south of Baghdad. A Canadian uranium producer purchased the yellowcake from the Iraqi government for “tens of millions of dollars.” Once enriched to a sufficient level, the uranium will be used to generate electricity, which is not exactly what Saddam Hussein had in mind for it. The uranium removed from Tuwaitha was enough to build approximately 142 nuclear weapons.

Critics of the Iraq War have been quick to point out that the UN already knew about Saddam’s yellowcake, and that it was purchased before the 1991 Gulf War, but such arguments are meaningless in view of the Duelfer Report’s conclusion that Saddam was trying to get sanctions lifted in order to resume his WMD program. In addition, there was Saddam’s penchant for throwing out UN weapon inspectors. Had sanctions been lifted with Hussein still in power, no honest person can dismiss the likelihood of a nuclear arms race between Iraq and its primary enemy, Iran. Moreover, British and U.S. intelligence agencies still maintain that Iraq was interested in buying more yellowcake from Niger in 1999, despite the denials of Leftist celebrity Joseph Wilson.

Speaking of Wilson, his lies were further exposed this week with the release of a formerly classified CIA document. According to the document, “super secret agent” Valerie Plame did in fact suggest that the CIA send her husband to Niger to sort out what she called “this crazy report” about Iraqi efforts to buy uranium. Under oath, Plame told Congress that she made no such recommendation, and Wilson himself has insisted that Valerie had nothing to do with his little excursion. Somehow we doubt that the Democrat-controlled Congress will call Plame back in to explain herself. But no matter: The world is safer without Saddam Hussein and his nuclear ambitions, and America is no doubt safer without Valerie Plame at the CIA or Joseph Wilson at the State Department.


A popular Leftist bumper sticker during the Vietnam War read: “What if they had a war, and no one came?” An appropriate sticker for today might ask: “What if the U.S. won a war, but the media didn’t report it?” Despite a plethora of good news about the Iraq war, news outlets are reporting everything except the coalition’s great success. The Iraq War no longer follows the narrative that Leftists and defeatists (but we repeat ourselves) believe it should, and so they have decided that our heroic efforts there are no longer newsworthy.

A case in point is the 18 benchmarks that Congress set last year for Iraqi progress. As of last week, Iraq had met 15 of those benchmarks, but only Fox News Channel saw fit to report it. Fox anchor Brit Hume even predicted as much, saying he doubted that “word of this progress is going to get through. I suspect that this broadcast tonight—and maybe some others on this channel—are the only ones who are going to make a headline out of this.” He was right. While Fox cited the progress in Iraq, most of the Leftmedia outlets were reporting that U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan had risen.

Also ignored is the fact that al-Qa’ida in Iraq has been driven from its last stronghold in Mosul and that attacks by insurgents and militias are down 90 percent from one year ago. Conditions on the ground have improved to the point that the last of the “surge brigades” will leave Iraq by the end of this month, and more than 300 soldiers who were supposed to deploy last month were turned around. But it’s not likely that we will hear any of this on the nightly news. According to American Journalism Review, 23 percent of last year’s news coverage was about Iraq. This year, it has fallen to three percent. One could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that, so far as the Leftmedia is concerned, winning isn’t news.

In the Senate, at least, winning means something. Gen. David Petraeus was confirmed almost unanimously Thursday as the new commander of U.S. Central Command, and Gen. Ray Odierno was confirmed as the new top U.S. commander in Iraq.

And to close on this note with more bad news for those on the left:

This week’s ‘Alpha Jackass’ award

“Coal makes us sick, oil makes us sick; it’s global warming. It’s ruining our country, it’s ruining the world. We’ve got to stop using fossil fuel.” —Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Searchlight) Please note Harry offers no alternative other than biofuels which by now all of us know has increased the cost of the worlds food supply. According to a report by the World Bank which estimates that biofuels have driven up food costs by 75 percent over the last six years, contrary to the U.S. government’s assertion that biofuels have caused only a three-percent increase in prices.


Anonymous said...

Good grief , BHO dropped 15 points in latest Newsweek poll. The original poll was flawed but it followed their template agenda reporting. Talk about bias. Their own bad news. HA !!!

Fred Gregory

Ticker said...

Good news on foreign affairs is bad news for the "empty suit", and Obamazombies.

If you will remember I did say that the facts will come forth. The Ditto Dummy, aka demon deacon laughed. Wonder how he will explain this now. He and the rest of the coneheads will really have to scramble to come up with something but no doubt they will. LOL

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Ticker, this particular "anonymous" visits around and always says about the same thing. Good grief!

I notice "anonymous" has a name, here, though.

The Dems should know that polls are inherently flawed due to their own shenanigans. Remember the John Kerry polls. The shock of it all still haunts them.

Maggie's Notebook

Ticker said...

Maggie, must be a different anonymous. Fred is an old friend of mine from the G'boro N&R blogging days. We go waaaaay back. He's also an ex Fed so he can't be all bad. LOL