Friday, July 18, 2008

More Insanity From the Left on GW

It seems that more and more people are discovering the truth about the "global warming" scam. The leftist of course continue to come up with more ridiculous ideas on how to "cure" the situation as if it were something like the common cold. In my reading I ran across the following tibits:

In a bid to reduce so-called “greenhouse gases,” Columbia University researchers have proposed injecting carbon dioxide emissions from power plants into formations of volcanic rock beneath 8,000 feet of ocean and 1,000 feet of sediment in the Pacific Northwest. They claim that the porous basalt can hold up to 120 years’ worth of U.S. emissions. This instead of offshore drilling? That sounds like a lot of hot air to us.

Speaking of rocks, researchers at the University of Texas claimed in a recent paper that global warming will cause a massive rise in the number of Americans who suffer from kidney stones. In keeping with today’s scientific drumbeat of doom and gloom, the disastrous effects this will have on the economy are already spelled out in dollar signs.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Solomon, author of the anti-climate change alarmism book The Deniers, has discovered liberal bias on Wikipedia. Solomon claims that editors have conspired to forge a false doomsday consensus regarding global warming on the popular online “people’s encyclopedia.” More specifically, he cites Wikipedia administrator and so-called “expert” William Connolley, a one-time climatologist who made a number of unsuccessful bids for office with England’s Green Party, claiming that Connolley uses his editorial power to enforce his doomsday beliefs and smear reputable scientists. Beyond climate change alarmism, Solomon says, Wikipedia is skewed toward Leftist views on almost everything. Imagine that.

The one that I found that was really hilarious and so typical of leftist thinking was the one about the cows. I must admit that someone from the more sane side must have written the article because they mentioned beer and potato chips. Only a true southern born writer would have thrown that in.

Climate alarmists have a twisted fascination with cow flatulence. The latest experiment on the frontiers of junk science comes from researchers at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology in Argentina, who had the brilliant idea of strapping giant plastic tanks onto the backs of cows to catch their wind. Really, who wants that job? One researcher estimates that Argentina’s 55 million cows create more than 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. The next step is to figure out which diet reduces methane emissions. Apparently, clover and alfalfa instead of grain will do the trick. Less beer and potato chips, too. Another alternative benefit of this study might be to popularize a whole new kind of whoopee cushion.


Faultline USA said...

New word - must use. Climate alarmists are Algorelarmists!!!

Ticker said...

I say they have been Stern-ly Gored.

That comes from Sir Nicholas Stern, an economist who came up with the carbon credit scam that Gore has jumped on like a dog on a bone and has found a group of suckers who will buy them as penance for their "sin" of carbon pollution. What a crock, and I ain't talkin sourkraut!

Anonymous said...

Tried to leave a comment. I read your blog regularly for the pure pleasure. I don't usually reply because you as always...right on the money. Haven't seen anything new for a while. I hope you are well my friend.