Sunday, August 2, 2009

Prognostications From A Fellow Blogger

My friend Jeff over at If The Right One Don't Get Ya, The Left One Will has made some rather discomforting prognostications.

Now Jeff is not into crystal balls, crystals , tea leaves and such but he is a right observant individual with a pretty strong gut feeling about things and more apt than not is correct in his prognostications.

Jeff is just a good ole hard working country boy who loves his country and also one of those who will be more than slightly effected in a not so good way by “the great one's” Cash for Clunkers program. The chief occupier , through this scam on the American taxpayer , using YOUR TAX MONEY to artificially create some good numbers for the economy and for the failing auto industry because it’s been a long time since there’s been any shadow of success for “the one” will in all likelihood put Jeff out of business. You see Jeff rebuilds carburetors for vehicles that still use them which in turn stimulates the economy by free enterprise means, not socialist means. The farmers, the truckers, the lower income folks who buy used cars, the auto collector/restorer, the dealers who sell vehicles that still use carburetors, and who depend on Jeff’s skills will also suffer if Jeff is not be able to stay in business. That means more than one small business –gone—but is that not the goal of this socialist sock puppet and his puppet master George Soros?

It’s a sad day when the so called leader(s) of this country is(are) determined to destroy it.

I’ve said enough so go to Jeffs blog and read the FIRST INSTALLMENT OF "JEFF PREDICTS" -- More to Follow Sporadically I believe you will see the wisdom and accuracy of his prognostications.


Always On Watch said...

Good post!

Jeff rebuilds carburetors for vehicles that still use them...

We don't have many such mechanics around here in the D.C. area. Most of our so-called mechanics are of the remove-and-replace sort. I guess that's because of the high household income here.

Another reason: the local government is so strict as to who can do what and where when it comes to car repair. For example, the county has cited me for having a vehicle "disabled" if the vehicle is undergoing repairs for more than three days. This zoning regulation has pretty much eliminating Mr. AOW's repairing our vehicles (except for oil changes, brakes, and other quick jobs). Socialism, clearly!

Ticker said...

AOW, most mechanics today are the remove and replace types because they have no clue as to how to repair a vehicle. If they can't find a code for it on their fancy machines they just start taking parts off and replacing them, charging you in the meantime out the wazoo.
Jeff is an old time mechanic that specializes in carbs. As he says, "it's a living and I ain't working for nobody but me."
The days of what we call "shade tree mechanics" down south and in the west are about gone. With Obamanation upon us they will disappear even faster.

Ticker said...

AOW, I hope you left a comment on Jeff's blog.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

ticker I went to Jeff's and left a comment. Very interesting predictions and spot-on, IMO.

AOW, in your area the government can tell you that you cannot have a car that doesn't work - after only 3 days!!!!

I can see if a car is up-on-jacks in a yard. I wouldn't want that next door to me, but...just not working???

Everyday, government becomes more bizarre.

Ticker said...

Maggie, I lived in a Condo in NC and the HOA would send you a nasty letter if you had not moved your car in 3 days. The flower Nazi's got bored and started picking on folks with two cars who seldom drove one or the other.
I had a 88 Ford Thunderbird Turbo with a 5 speed but due to physical problems I couldn't drive it and drove my automatic shift vehicle instead. The tried to fine me over $500 for failure to have an operating vehicle. The picked on the wrong crazy, white haired old man. I dared the car Nazi's to take me to court. That shut them up. Now we have the Czars in National government who will soon be telling you what kind of car you can drive and how many miles per week you can drive without being taxed.

Sue said...

I don't understand why the cars (clunkers) which are traded in have to be smashed. What is the purpose in that????

Ticker said...

Sue, it's all about the money. It falls into line with the Left Rev. Gore and his scam on Global Warming. The CARS program was first set into the Cap and Trade bill but the Senate threw it out because they didn't see the Cap and Trade passing anytime soon.
"The One" and his Green Czar see ridding the country of used cars which don't meet their standards will force the people to buy the junk heaps that they are going to force upon people. Those who can't afford to buy the pieces of crap will have to find an alternative transportation. That means somebody is going to make some money. Harry Reid and his little track in Nevada to nowhere is reaping billions from all this as well as several other of "the One's" minions and their pet porky projects.
Once the old cars are gone the government will be able to dictate what you will drive, how far you can drive it without paying an addition tax on it. All to pay for the idiot in chiefs fiasco's.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Jeff Dreibus said...


Thank you so much for this post! I somehow managed to overlook it until today (even though you e-mailed me a link!).

To those of you who commented upon the overbearing and anti-capitalistic nature of zoning and HOAs: you are so right! Simply put, they drive small business people such as me out of more lucrative and populated areas, thereby limiting their own residents’ access to the services which we can provide.

I have witnessed this phenomenon first-hand in "occupied" Northern Virginia, an overpriced, overtaxed and overregulated hell-hole to which I will never return. I am quite certain that the overpaid bureaucrats who populate it helped The One to attain his current position as your leader.

I now live in un-zoned McDowell County, NC, where I live in a community with no HOA. At least I can earn a hassle-free living here until the Messiah manages to decimate small businesses nationwide . . .

Jeff Dreibus