Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Will the Real Author of the Health Care Fiasco Please Stand Up

Did you ever wonder why “the chief occupier” never answers any direct questions about his Obamasno –care? Could it possibly be that he has absolutely no clue as to what it contains other than what he is fed on his teleprompter? Just exactly who is in charge of Obamasno-care? Is it Pelosi and Reid along with Chucky and a few other of the farleft loudmouth know nothings in Congress or is it someone hidden beneath all the piles and layers of subterfuge in this administration?

The fact is that neither “the chief occupier” nor Congress is the leader or the planner of this fiasco called Health Reform. It is indeed one who does not have to answer to the Congress, the American Public or anyone other than “the chief occupier” and he is kept busy “selling” the plan that he knows nothing about so basically it is one individual who has formulated this travesty. And who might that one be? It is none other than the equivalent of Germany’s Dr Josef Mengele , the brother of White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel. His own book, Healthcare, Guaranteed is the source for the mess called health reform. He has been developing this monstrosity since shortly after the coronation according to his own admission.

I recently picked up a copy of Dr. Mengele’s, er.. Dr Death…er… Dr. Emanuels book and have begun to read it thoroughly after doing a quick speed read scan. I did take time to do some underlining of things I found very interesting and it sounds very much like Obamasno-care ideology, strategy and the current proposed legislation.

While the claim of the White House is to reform or change our current health care system that is not the plan proposed by Dr. Emanuel. On Page 170 he states that there must be an immediate and complete reconstruction of health care in this country. That of course is “the chief occupier’s” ideology in a nut shell. A few pages later in the chapter on Opening the Door to Comprehensive Change he points out the need to rush the legislation through. That particular segment of his book reads more like a manual on brainwashing. I am sure that we have all heard the “chief occupier” say “We must lay a new foundation for future growth and prosperity, ....: Congress must act before August recess on health care overhaul” ... "This debate is not a game for these Americans [affected by problems with the current system], and they cannot afford to wait for reform any longer,"…. "They are counting on us to get this done. They are looking to us for leadership. And we must not let them down.” Sounds like the “Snake Oil Salesman” calling “HURRY, HURRY, GET YOUR HEALTH IN A BOTTLE ELIXER NOW!” which is exactly what it boils down to.

Of course there is the vagueness of the “chief occupier” on any specific details of the plan as the crusade rushes around the country during the August Congressional Recess, which by the way is not going well for the left, which is also one of Dr. Emanuel’s game strategies. The “chief occupier” throws out nice sound bites , which we have all grown tired of by now and know the drill by heart, saying , “If you've already got health care, the only thing we're going to do for you is we're going to reform the insurance companies so that they can't cheat you." Dr. Emanuel’s book , on Page 183 (?) says: "Americans need to avoid the policy weeds. Focusing on details will only distract and create tangles and traps.” What he means is “avoid detail since most are too stupid to question anything if it is kept in vague sound bites” It almost worked until a few people woke up and sounded the alarm and that is the reason for the “campaign trail crusade”. The administration has had to go on the defense.

Dr. Emanuel gives details on the so called national health board, or as some have pointed out and called them the death panels. He outlines a plan of regional health boards similar to the Federal Reserve. Of course at this time there is no actual health board mentioned in HR 3200, but as I pointed out there is a similar board in HR 1 or the “Porkulus Bill” as I wrote about in Saturday’s Blog Post. Can you imagine a board with the broad sweeping powers of the Federal Reserve?

Of course included in Dr. Death’s plan and duty of the board is the end of life counseling and “that medical care should be withheld from those who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens.”

Medicare and Medicaid, according to Dr. Emanuel needs to be phased out which is one reason that this administration has done nothing nor said anything about overhauling these programs. The other reason is to of course free up money to pay for the fiasco.

On pages 109-111 Dr. Emanuel writes of ending employer-based health care packages. On page 16 of HR 3200 under the titles of "Limitation on new enrollment" and "Limitation on changes in terms or conditions" , it would essentially make individual private health insurance illegal. Of course this has been the plan from day one. The administration does not want any competition from private companies on anything, from banking, automobiles or anything else or so it appears.

I mentioned in a paragraph above, that phasing out Medicare and Medicaid under Dr. Emanuel’s program would be used to pay for the fiasco currently being proposed. He however sees that this would not come close to paying for such a monstrosity so other forms of revenue must be put into place. We have all heard mention of the placing a 10% VAT (value added tax) and then allowing Americans to “pay extra with after-tax dollars” for additional medical benefits which are above and beyond the government program. (this is mentioned on Page 100 if you are reading or plan to read the book). Again this is all smoke and mirrors because neither of these proposals, elimination of Medicare and Medicaid nor the VAT would come close to funding this monstrosity. The only way, and again the administration will not get into details of this because as Dr. Emanuel points out, “they are policy weeds to be avoided”, will be to increase taxes on corporations, taxing employer provided insurance (if there is any such thing left), ridding programs which offer health savings accounts or flex accounts and limiting the deductions on medial expenses. What it boils down to is it is WE THE PEOPLE WILL PAY.

Hopefully after I return from a combined business and vacation trip I will have had time to read the book more thoroughly and can add more to this. In the meantime pass this along, and KEEP PUTTING OUT THE TRUTH! That folks is the only way this fiasco authored by Ezekiel (Dr. Death) Emanuel can be stopped.


Anonymous said...

Have an enjoyable vacation. And maybe this thing will self destruct in the meantime

Fred G.

Ticker said...

I will , but unfortunately this mess is not going away without a fight.

Sue said...

Thank you for doing the research I can't find time to do! Your information is "verrrry interesting", indeed!

Thanks, again, Ticker, for continually giving us GREAT information! Keep up the fight...and the faith!

Ticker said...

Thanks Sue. About all I have to do is read and study, at least when I am not out in the yard piddling or swimming.
I have always been a reader and a researcher for facts. It has been profitable in more ways than one.
I hope to have more on this when I return from the east coasts and the Carolina's.

Faultline USA said...

Great research on this terrible mess. "Americans need to avoid the policy weeds. Focusing on details will only distract and create tangles and traps.” Isn't that just like the Devil himself!!!

Stormy said...

Obama wants to intimidate the Reps into at least partial bipartisanship support on this bill to provide him and the Dems some political cover, but make no mistake, the Dems will push "something" through when they return from recess, even if they have to do it with reconciliation. Even half a loaf will do. It's like a salesman getting his foot in the door. Once he does, he can expand the legislation through regulatory "interpretation". Face it, we are going to get this mess, even if half of the Dems in Congress lose their seats in 2010. The damage will be done.