Friday, September 11, 2009

Thoughts on 9/11

I received this via e mail this morning from a good friend and great Patriot that many of you know as Mustang and asked his permission to post it to Jus'Sayin' .

Mustang is a retired USMC officer and one with great insight into today’s military and political situation.

He has indeed expressed the feelings of many of us who have served this country and many of those who while not serving in the military serve their country in other ways.

Take time to read and give thought to the words expressed here by good friend and fellow blogger, Mustang.

Eight years ago today, Muslim extremists launched an attack against the United States of America. An attack not directed at military argets, mind you … but against defenseless civilians who simply got up one morning and went to work, or who were flying to another city for business or personal reasons.

We might reflect upon the fact that these so-called 19-highjackers came to this country to learn the skills they would need in order to fly a large aircraft into a building. Our government granted visas to these men, even in spite of the fact that the names of several appeared on terrorist watch lists. We might also wonder why no one has ever held our government officials culpable for criminal negligence in setting into motion the circumstances that allowed this attack to take place.

Today, individuals from regions of the world foresworn to destroy ‘the infidel’ continue to receive visas to the United States. They come here to attend our engineering schools so that they can better learn how to destroy us. They come here wearing sheep’s clothing, for while they demand the rights of citizenship, they continue to preach hatred and teach Islamic sanctified terror in private academies and mosques from one coast of the United States to the other.

We have learned nothing from the past. Ignore the words spoken by high officials on this day; their lofty words and expressions cannot return to us our dead. In this sense, words and expressions of sympathy and regret are meaningless and pathetic. Their promises to do better in the future sound hollow. This lesson was not well-learned by the American people, for they have overwhelmingly elected avowed communists to the congress and white house —men and women who seek to undo 235 years of America’s unique refusal to allow anyone to step upon the backs of our necks.

The citizens of a nation who do not remain vigilant in their own defense, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, deserve whatever happens to them. This is particularly true when they have elected the government of their own undoing.

Semper Fidelis


Brenda Bowers said...

I enjoy Mustang, and especially when he and Leslie do the pro and con thing. This was a fine message.Obama is of course trying to denigrate it as he has been trying to tear everything else about America down. But I don't believe Americans will forget 9/11.

I am finding as my readers group grows that there are a lot of us out there trying to get the word out and who are not fooled by Obama and Thugs.

The Townhalls and Tea Party Rallies were indeed heartening. The big Tea Party rally in Washington is today. Of course it will only be covered by FOXNEWS. I thrill every time I see the ratings for the MSM :)! The media have lost the American people, Congress has lost the American people and Obama is losing them fast. The only problem is that he can still do a lot more harm before he is put out of power in the 2010 election--just see what he has done in 8 months!

Bryan said...

Many still sleep, while a voice from the White House says that Islam is a great religion.

GM Roper said...

Ticker, I have respect for many bloggers, but none more than Mustang and I'm proud to call him my blog-son. Mustang indeed sees with a clarity that few have, that and his writing expresses that vision so very well.