Friday, August 19, 2011

And the Beat (ing) Goes On, Part 23. What's the Plan Obama?

Obama just finished his not so successful tour of the Midwest in a new million dollar plus bus that probably gets about the same or less fuel mileage as Air Force One but of course you and I are condemned for driving a SUV instead of a Volt. Then again , he's not paying for the fuel on either but if we complain about high fuel prices for our SUV we are told by the POTUS to "Get over it and get a smaller car".  Oh well,  that's fine because  he's the POTUS and was on a "fact finding" mission to help him create jobs for all Americans,, not a political campaign tour. Now if you believe that I have a nice big ski mountain just outside Dallas, Texas that I will sell you cheap.  Of course we won't know what he discovered and what his great plans are until he returns from his Martha's Vineyard vacation.  

Did anyone notice on the news that he got a briefing on International Security this morning?  Guess he had to make it appear that he was actually "working" while on vacation.  What is so important in the international situation that it takes precedence over the state of the US economy and joblessness?  We'll never know but my guess is he is at a loss on how to create jobs and jump start the economy other than falling back on his TRIED and FAILED plans of spend more and tax the rich. Hasn't he realized that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity or actually it appears to be stupidity.

During his "information seeking tour", he claims that 2 million jobs have been created in the past two months--Say what?  Where are they Obama? 

I believe he is trying to use the same smoke and mirror game that he attempted to pull back in 2009 when he claimed to have created two million jobs with his STUMBULUS Bill.  Fact is two million jobs were lost after he signed his so called Stimulus that was to create "shovel ready" jobs. The only shovel ready anything was the need for a shovel to shovel the BS out of the way that he was putting out in order to get to the truth. His STUMBULUS Bill FAILED and yet it is said that he is ready to submit another 1.7 billion STUMBULS Bill in order to create more jobs.

Of course he will need a new bureaucratic office to oversee the spending  and creation of these pipe dream jobs.  That would be the new Dept of Jobs of some such nonsense. Doesn't this President know that we have a Dept of Labor?  Well maybe, but if he creates a new Department of Job Creation you can be sure that it will take at least a couple of thousand people to man the desks and phones which never get answered as is true with most government offices. At least he can claim he created jobs and of course those few hundred or maybe a thousand will turn into a million or more.  Call it what it is folks, pure stupidity!

If Americans were skeptical about the stimulus before, they're downright cynical now. Only 26% of Americans agree with how Obama is handling the economy. "It [won't be] easy,the Washington Post says,"because i't nonsensical. Voters inherently understand the promises of cuts down the road coupled with immediate spending sprees are precisely how we got to this point." Like the two stimulus bills before it, this proposal would push for more construction projects and state bailouts as well as changes to the federal payroll tax, mortgage relief, and of course, yes, new taxes. As Wimpy on the Popeye Cartoons use to say, A hamburger today and I will gladly re-pay you tomorrow, seems to be Obama's slogan today, a stimulus now in exchange for deficit reduction later. Just as folks weren't fooled by Wimpy's plea for a burger lets hope that Congress won't fall for Obama's Wimpy plea.

During his not so successful tour he also pointed out that he will continue the "Payroll Tax cuts" as if they actually really helped anyone. My question would have been, just what good will the tax cuts do for those who are not on a payroll? What good did it do for those who actually had a job. Stats show that the average worker got to keep about $12 more per week. Of course he never mentions that this was taken up by the increase in fuel cost for the average worker to go back and forth to their job. Nor did he ever mention that more was taken up in the increase price of groceries--and he wants up to believe there is no inflation.

Stop blowing smoke up the people butts and admit that your failed policies that you want to foist upon the people again are nothing more than more failure and that you really don't have a plan to help the economy or create jobs.

You had two years  Obama, with a Democrat House and a fillibuster proof Senate and you couldn't create one single job plan that worked nor could you formulate a plan and get it passed to jump start the economy. The Dems owned the House and Senate for two years before you became President and they didn' t do anything except blame Bush for all the ills of the world. You can't blame this mess on Bush anymore but we can blame it on the fact that you have never had a plan and that you still have no plan.

Present a plan, on paper Mr. President, for the American People to see or admit you are clueless. Do the American people a favor and resign. Oh, and take clueless Joe with you as you go or leave him in China.

We The People are waiting!

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