Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Beat(ing) Goes On Part 24. Obama's key to Re-election; Blackmail-- Never let a good crisis go to waste!

Hurricane Irene is hitting the East Coast with a fury but not quite the fury that the Leftist secretly prayer it would. You see the much hyped Category 3 has turned into a whimpering Cat 1. Not to demean a Cat 1, (I have lived through Cat 1's and Cat 4's), they do plenty of damage. However this one is being over hyped in my own opinion. The continual hype of water damage and flooding by the media is a bit much but they must make as much as they can out of this somewhat fizzled storm since the winds didn't do the damage they expected.

i can remember storms of much more intensity and probably more damaging but these are seldom mentioned since this one is being touted as "storm of the century". Hardly! 

Does anyone remember Hugo in 1989? Hugo was a Cat 4 storm that hit Charleston , SC and ripped it's way inland and up the coast causing horrendous damage even in Charlotte NC, which is not exactly on the coast. It ripped 200 year old oak trees out of the ground like they were nothing on the grounds of Baptist Childrens Home in Thomasville, NC and then continued its roar into SW Virginia causing millions of dollars in damage.

Then there was Floyd, people still speak in whispers of this Cat 3 storm that displaces over 3 million people from South Flordia to Cape Hatteras ,NC ,and brought 30 inches of rainfall along the coast as far  north as New Jersey.  I believe  Irene is forecaste to bring less rain than Floyd but nevertheless it is "the storm". with no mention of Floyd only some storm back in the 40's .

Did they forget Isabel?  Isabel was a Cat 5 and lasted over 30 hours.  She did lose strength before making landfall on the Outer Banks of NC as a Cat 2, but the loss of life was high with 16 reported deaths.

Regardless of the other more powerful storms this one is getting played to the hilt by the media especially since it comes on the heels of a 5.8 magnitude earthquake which rattled much of the same area.  For the media this is too good to be true, two "crisis" in the same week. The news is made so no need to look for other stories, regardless of the level of importance such as Mexican Government Commando's using the US as a staging point for attacks on drug cartels in that constant war. Guess it doesn't matter that by alowing Mexico to do this puts the US in a very precarious position under International law, not to mention the Constitution, but then nary a peep from the LSM media. The current "crisis" is all the news that is needed.

Could there be another "hidden" reason behind all the hype given these two "crises"? 
Given the current state of  things in this country,the economy , the recess of Congress, the presidential vacation in Martha's Vineyard,  they need something to cover for the inaction of the President to offer a plan on anything. Of course they continue to tout the supposed date of September when Congress returns from recess as the date he will submit his plan for jobs etc. It appears however, given the number of leaks about his so called plan which amounts to a repeat of his previous failed plan that something else is needed to give him a boost.  Are the pieces beginning to fall into place?

Remember the words: NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE!.  Well folks we are going to see this statement put into action very soon. I am predicting  that it will occur during this coming week after the storm has passed and a quick(and I will add inflated) assessment is made of the damages caused by Irene.

Look for Obama to call for trillions of dollars to repair the "infrastructure" damaged by the storm. This of course is one of the ideas that is supposedly in his Jobs Plan to be unveiled in September. It had little chance of surviving in Congress even among members of his own Party.  Isn't it amazing what a little "crisis' can do?  It can create miracles.  He may even re-call Congress before September to deal with Irene, which I find a bit incredulous since he couldn't bring himself to re-call Congress to deal with the economy of the entire nation and yes even the global economy. Vacation time was too important perhaps, after all he was exhausted from his "listening" bus tour(read that campaign tour that wasn't a campaign tour depending on  how one defines campaign tour, dang sounds like Clinton on depends how you define....)

When ever Congress comes back to DC you can expect Obama to use these two "crises", the earthquake and Irene, to blackmail the Republican held House into passing another Stimulus bill, even larger than his last failed so called stimulus.  If anyone dares to voice opposition to his spending they will be cast as uncaring and worse than any terrorist. How dare they fail to pass a spending bill to aide the unfortunate folks on the East Coast of the US after two major catastrophes will be the hew and cry. It matters not that only a small portion of this spendulus billl will be actually used to help the real folks along the East Coast  but it plays well with the media as well as the Left and gives them ammunition to use in the 012 elections against the Republicans.  It will be Blackmail at it's most viral form.

Many of the political analyst on the Right and Left  have written and said that it would take something in the form of a miracle to boost Obama if he were to have any hope of being re-elected in 012. The use of these "crises" could very well be that miracle. 

Look for the Beat(ing) to continue folks. 



GM Roper said...

Obama: "The beatings will stop when you peasants have better morale and not one week before."

Anonymous said...

I'm at Myrtle Beach. Nothing more than a 24 hour mild wind and rain storm. ( no lighting or thunder )
UInless you are watching the tvee

Fred G.

Ticker said...

Roper, YEP LOL

Fred, yep just a big rainstorm. Poor media really had to work had to get something out of this one. Obama will certainly find a way however to make it the "worst" of anything. he started this AM. Look for a BIG SPENDING BILL to be forthcoming.