Thursday, August 4, 2011

And the Beat(ing) Goes on Part 21: We the People are still losing.

Just what did "Bonehead" Boehner get out of the so call deal for the American People?

The answer is dang little to nothing but it (hopefully for him ) made him look good and he can cry and sling snot and say, "I did all that I could do".  But then Bonehead has always been good at crying and slinging snot so folks will feel sorry for him and think "poor guy".  I've been writing about Bonehead since he was up for Speak of the House and I said he would be a failure. My words have rang true. May they ring in the ears of  voters in November of 2012. 

What did Boehner get in return for this?
He did not insist that the April CR include language prohibiting funding for implementing of Obamacare, or defunding Planned Parenthood (the nation's largest abortion provider) Yep I wrote about this back on March 15. 2011   Here is a brief excert. (You can read the entire story using the date link above.)

Congress has three weeks to put together a plan to fund the government for the next six months and so far all they have done is the usual name calling , posturing and finger pointing.  Obama scolded Congress and said" We can't keep on running the government based on two week extensions."  Speaker Bonehead (HAR-Ohio) pointed out that "we're trying to clean up last year's mess".  Of course he is  somewhat correct on that point since the Democrats didn't bother to even submit a budget for fear that the blood shed of November would be worse than expected. The Republicans were wrong for not forcing the issue and jumping up and down on the issue but then some were too busy "running for position". Bonehead's name comes to mind since that all he could do during much of last term.
So it seems that some important issues are now on the back burner and We The People are in for another BEATING. Defunding of Planned Parenhood and Obamanocare are all set aside despite promises from GOP leadership to scuttle both immediately but seems it will wait until a more convenient time. Of course the primary antagonist of the "good ole boys" in the GOP, Rep Michele Bachmann (R-MN) doesn't like it one bit and has taken on the "ole boy's" establishment and firing both barrels saying "You don't win if you don't fight". and how right she is.  It appears that the "establishment GOP is taking on Obama's tactic of retreat and bowing as well as stuttering while taking NO ACTION , and the Beat(ing) goes on.
Bachmann and Steven King (R-Iowa) called for the GOP to stand by their pledge. "If we do not stand our ground on the CR (continuing resolutions)... and use it to stop the $105.5 billion... Obamacare will be implemented on our watch, and ...we will find it difficult--if not impossible--to regain the strategic advantage."
or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (which subsidizes liberal media). Nor did he extract any commitment from the president to reform entitlement programs -- including Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security -- that are the primary forces driving the nation toward bankruptcy.
In the recent debt-limit negotiations, Boehner could have said to Obama: We will increase the debt limit just enough to cover the fiscal 2011 spending we agreed to in April's CR. But for fiscal 2012 we will not agree to business as usual on government spending and debt. The Republican-controlled House will pass a series of appropriations for fiscal 2012 that significantly reform government spending and reduce government. We will be happy to debate them with you in September.
Instead, Boehner agreed to increase the debt limit by $2.4 trillion -- the largest debt limit increase in history.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who supported Boehner's deal, predicts the $2.4 trillion increase will last 18 months -- enough to get past next November's elections. Now do this math: $2.4 trillion over 18 months equals $133.33 billion in new debt per month or $1.596 trillion in a year.
A speaker who cuts a debt-limit deal like that is not planning to fight over the 2012 appropriations bills. He is planning to cut another deal.

And folks , in the mean time, The Beat(ing) goes on. The Left talking heads are blaming the problems that increased spending will create on the Right already and claiming that the  Right held nation and Obama hostage inorder to get all the things they wanted. Well, it would appear that the Right got little to nothing , thanks to "Bonehead" . And as for "hostage holding", it would seem that Harry Reid was the chief hostage holder by refusing to allow the vote on any bill sent over by the Right or by declaring it DOA, while twisting the arms of those Dems who would vote for a rational bill.

Not much left to say, except we are in deep doo with a bunch of immature, name calling idiots running this country. 

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