Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Music Time


The Mormon Tabernacle Choir - The Holy City 
This song is to remind us of Jesus entry into the City of Jerusalem on this Palm Sunday.

How soon the shouts of Hosanna turned to Crucify Him.  But the story did not there and someday He will re-enter the city with shouts of HOSANNA.

For a great explanation and a background on Palm Sunday please go to my good friend Z's Blog and read this. 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


That was indeed lovely and majestic.

I have a strong feeling it was filmed in the Temple and not the Tabernacle, just from the marble surroundings. I have been in the Tabernacle which has amazing acoustics and a 12,000 pipe organ.

Non-Mormons are not allowed in the Temple.

Thanks for the video/music.

Fred G.

Ticker said...

Glad you enjoyed it Fred.

Z said...

THanks, Ticker, very nice.

Our sermon was about how our saying HOSANNA can also mean saying YES to God...excellent sentiment.

Happy Palm Sunday!

Ticker said...

Yes, Z I can see where Hosanna can have the meaning of saying YES to God since it is a crying out for help,
save, I pray. Total surrender is necessary for this pray or crying out to be heard. In that matter it is indeed saying YES, to God.

sue hanes said...

Ticker - This has always been a favortie of mine - at Easter.

And who can sing it better than the MTC.

Thanks - Ticker.