Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunday Music Time

There are many times when we feel that the world is falling apart before our very eyes.  We feel that our friends have deserted us, leaving us to face times of turmoil , hurt, fear alone.  We search for a place of solitude, a place of safety, a place of healing and we just don't seem to be able to find it.  We ask what is worse than being totally alone?  But there is an answer for there is a place  "Where No One Stands Alone".  

If what was described in the paragraph above is you or someone you know, may this song be an answer to your cry.

"Where No One Stands Alone" By The Gaither Vocal Band


Z said...

MY GOSH can those guys SING. That tenor is belting SO perfectly and sends chills up the spine!
And what a gorgeous song and amazing lyrics.
Everyone needs to hear this message sometimes..even if it's not loneliness because people aren't around, but loneliness of difficult illnesses, hard situations. Nice to know God's with us!
thanks for posting Happy Sunday, Ticker!

sue hanes said...

Thanks Ticker. This is a lonely time for me - I only know one person here - even though I have been here since last November.

I always knew I would go back to church - and today's the day. What better way to meet good people.

Of course I do have blogging friends - and they don't let you down.

Have a good one - Ticker.

Brenda Bowers said...

Thank you Dallas. I look forward to your music selection each Sunday. BB

Ticker said...

Glad you are going back to church Sue. Yes it is a good way to meet people.

BB, so glad you like the music. Keep listening as I try to play something that will raise hope, bring comfort and joy to peoples lives.

Z Yes they are amazing and always have been. I really miss my friend Guy Penrod on the new music but he will soon have out a collection of his own music and hopefully will be doing some touring.