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I had an email recently inquiring exactly what is Humanism.   I could go directly to their site and gather the information according  to them however I believe my explanation will be more direct and simple. 

In a nutshell they are atheists using a different name in order to detract people.  Humanist, like atheist are quick to affirm the supremacy of man and to deny the existence of God.   They teach that everything into it's present state by chance without the action of any power greater than power itself. However they do not give credit to the power and that is God Almighty,  Creator of all things and Power of all Power.  Since there is no god, they place man at the center of all things, as the measure of all things. As his own god, man began from himself with no knowledge except that what he himself can discover. 

Since there is no God, there are no standards outside of man and no absolutes to regulate his behaviou. But then are needed, for man i sinherently good, in no need of salvation and without an eternal soul. 

Man alone is responsible for his actions. He can love himself and find wholeness by being himself.

Since man is the essence of reality, he is autonomous, self sufficient, independent and in full control of his own future.  All he needs is education and training to realize his most selfish fantasies and to actualize his unlimited human potential and intellectual awareness.    This, in a nutshell is what Humanist are and are also known as New Agers, Liberals, Progressives.    Now on to how they are impacting America. 

It appears that the "HUMANIST"were not drawing large enough "believers" so they created the New Age Movement as a "religious" front.   The New Age Movement (Humanist) is so engrained in all facets of our lives and their disciples so effective that humanism has actually become a way of life in America, and for good reason.  New Agers so integrate every aspect of society that Humanism sees the normal everyday living, and htose who oppose it are "out of step". 

This wide scale mental transformation is being orchestrated in dedicated professional with practices that are clearly antithetical to established Biblical procedure. Preaching values clarification, behaviou modification, and situational ethics, these latter-day evangels do indeed alter the consciousness of all who open their minds to this insidious madness.   When they are finished with the mutant, only the shell remains inact, the inner man has been transformed into a child of darkness. The self has been enthroned, and God has been eliminated  from his very being, heart , mind and soul.

The goal from which they wish to gain from this madness is a ONE WORLD COMMUNITY which of course if you haven't already figured is the same goal of the liberals and progressives which under any other name are truly Humanist ,totally secular and devoid of any god other than themselves.
"A socialized and cooperative economic order must be established to the end that the equitable distribution of the means of life be possible."    This is how it would appear or be described: "peaceful adjudication of differences" (Humanist Manifesto II)
and by the abolition of all nationalistically disputes, all destructive ideological distinctive, all inflexible puritanical restraints.  And it would be disarmed, All men of all nations could then coexist in a golden age of brotherhood, total oneness and unequivocal unity--in other words-- a liberal Utopia.  ( As a reminder, the next time you see one of  signs that say COEXIST in forms of the cross, the star of David, the Muslim sign, just remember, this is from the Humanist as part of their New Age Religion to being about ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT)

You ask, how can this happen?  Simply put, America must fall from her place of prominence and power in the world.  Anyone who doubt this is not happening needs a wake up call.
Next America has to fold into a global religious structure.  Christianity has to be converted from it's trditional beliefs and doctrins, those upon which this country was founded, into a less offensive, less dogmatic and more humanist-friendly form.   True Christians must be marginalized to minimize  their impact on a changing world, moked for their obsolete belief's and behaviors, and eventually martyred to make way for the worlds totall acceptance and conformity to the state religion of Humanism.
How can this happen some ask. Look around and you can see parts of this have already come about and others are occurring as this is being written and read.  Everyday Christian's and their beliefs are being marginalized by our courts and by the highest office in the land.
The conversion is complete on two levels.  One group represnets the humanist clone who is totally brainwashed and manifest fully the ideas and ideals of his maker.  The second group is the ignorant masses (the clowns) who do not have a clue about what is going on, much less why, but they obey their masters for they "freebies" they get.  The "freebies" serve a two-fold purpose---to cripple capitalism and more importantly, to buy enough support for humanist to put their master plan into play.   The clone and the clown make up a conglomerate and huge voting machine, which is now called the "new American's"  The clones think they are superior beings and in their eyes they tower intellectual above the rest of us, even their voting brethern in the clown subset, the ignorant thugs they likely despise by must have to transform America to the wishes of both their masters.

The new American has been conditioned by the liberal humanist machine to look like this:  He hates his country and in ideology it is keep your flag, just show me the money.  These new Americans could care less about what happens to the country as long as their checks keep coming. So , the new American, strengthens the world at the expense of America.  He brags about Castro, Chavez, apologizes incessantly for his country's imperialistic behavior" supports the Anti-American United Nations (and uses them to meet the goals of his master), sends billions in foreign aid to countries who hate us and to international monetary banks (IMF and World Bank if you will)who do the same, allows millions of illegal aliens to enter and stay (and vote) in America.

This is just a small amount of the things of the Humanist, Liberals and Progressives  have done to impact America and the changes which we already can see and the ones that are to come.

Next:  More on the new American's and their ideology. 

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