Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The illness of America and her foundational institutions is not by accident or by default.  It is a planned program of destruction of the country's history, (and we have seen this in the past weeks for certain), it's values ( again in the past weeks we have witnessed this occurring with the assistance of the SCOTUS), and it's way of life by a movement that is anathema to all that we as Christian traditionalist hold dear.  So what is the movement?  The movement that is causing the illness of America is humanism, manifested politically as liberalism and progressivism.  For years it has worked doggedly and in the past few years ,exponentially more effectively, to create a new America with fully converted new Americans.  This incidious, invasive cancer has all but destroyed the Judaeo-Christian infrastructure upon which this country was founded. 

Here is an outline of the grand scheme which is well thought out and is creating a new America that is fit for the liberal Utopia of religious tolerance, socialist good will, and global allegiances .

I ask that you read and see if  you recognize any of these forms of cancer:

1.Sabotaging the church, rendering it not only useless in the culture wars, but causing it to act as an actual advocate of humanism.  Then berate, ridicule, and demonize Biblical Christians to mute their message.

2. Take control of corporate America and cause capitalism to merge with and provide all the material support for socialism's entitlement and redistribution efforts.

3. Turn our Republic into a democracy (Note how may politicians of the left call our Republic a democracy. ), then subvert demoracy into mob rule, providing the perfect vehicle for "spreading the wealth" for stealing elections, for establishing one -party rule, and creating a new class of slaves.

4. Infiltrate and take away nearly every infrastructural institution in the United States, including education, entertainment, and information.  Most importantly, they would "own" the press who would cover for all the illegal acts of their comrades in government, especially their President.

5. Take over our government and then enact laws and regulations to weaken and eventually cause us to be defeated y our many enemies, or force us to submit to global goverance and global economic capabilities and international law. Moreover they would defame America, bankrupt us, destroy our intelligence capabilities , and defund the military leaving us virtually defenseless in an increasingly danger and nuclear armed world. 

Over the last eight decades, humanism aka the New Age movement as some call it has dumped it's killer cancer cells in to the mainstream American political, educational, economic and religious thought.  Through an assortment of radical sub-movements---environmentalism, globalism, socialism, feminism, civil rights, gay rights, abortion rights, children's rights, animal rights ,the green movement, the peace movement, etc--- the cancer of humanism has infected the very lifeblood of this country's existence. 

Later: "Humanism", aka "liberalism", "progressivism" and it's impact on America

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