Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Glenn Beck, formerly with CNN Headline News and self made, self educated bull dog went after Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal over the AIG situation and nailed the guy to the wall.

It seems Blumenthal underestimated Beck and his oft times court room tactics which he uses to make his very blunt points with liberals and others who seem to want to take control of citizens legal rights.

Here is what Beck had to say in his interview with Blumenthal on Monday:

"Look, you know what you have done, know what you have done?" Beck said. "You have - you are an insult to George Washington, sir. George Washington made it very clear that we are a respecter of laws, not of men. For your own political gain, you have decided to go after these people at AIG because it is a popular thing."

"And while I may agree with you that it is obscene, I would like to know, is not what's right as a rule of thumb - not what makes us feel good," Beck continued. "You, sir, are to protect people and, and to stand for the law in Connecticut, so, again, I ask you, sir - what law gave you the right to go after them? What law did they break?"

Blumenthal claimed the AIG executives were "undeserving" of the bonuses. Blumenthal also pointed out the bonuses paid out were to increase next year. However, Beck pressed Blumenthal on the legality of that and Blumenthal came up blank in this exchange:

BECK: Is that against the law?

BLUMENTHAL: Well, it is against public policy. And it is unsanctioned by law.

BECK: Is that against the law?

BLUMENTHAL: It should be against the law.

BECK: Is it against the law?

BLUMENTHAL: It's against the public policy and against the taxpayer...In my view it is unrequired by law.

BECK: It is a yes or no question. Counselor, it is a yes or no question. Is it against the law?

BLUMENTHAL: It is not against the law and I have never said that it is against the law, and I have never said that we would bring an action.

BECK: Then you know what you should do? You should enforce the law. You shouldn't use your bully pulpit to gain popularity.

"You are twisting it," Beck said. "It has everything to do with the excuse that AIG used to say we had to do that. And you're exactly right - it has nothing to do with that. But that has nothing to do with the little vampire fangs that you all of a sudden sprouted and tried to grab on to - to make yourself, you and Andrew Cuomo, tried to make yourselves the king of the world, and look at me - I'm the savior here. I'm going to help everybody, the little people. All you're doing is trying to make yourself look good in a populist move. I think it's wrong."

And now I am wondering what he would have to say about the Occupier in Chief’s power play with GM where in the first time in history or at least recorded history of this country a President has basically removed the head of a corporation.

What law has the CEO of GM broken?

What part of the Constitution does the Chief Occupier use to usurp the authority of the Board of Directors and stock holders of GM to force the resignation of the CEO of GM?

Where in the Constitution can the One demand that Chrysler and GM run the company the way he, the Almighty One commands?

Perhaps Beck would tell the Occupier of the WH that he too is using the “bully pulpit” to gain popularity. That I’d love to hear and see.

We are going to put an end to the notion that the American taxpayer exists to fund the federal government.


Anonymous said...

Obama Motors has decided to stop making the profitable cars and trucks in favor of some f'n phone booth on wheels model. Sheesh !!

Fred G.

Brenda Bowers said...

Fred, my dear, NOT a phone booth. A coffin for one small humanoid and a Blckberry. BB

Faultline USA said...

Watching Glenn Beck take on the Atty Gen. of CT was a joy! Took a lot of guts too! Made him look like an idiot as well.

Anonymous said...

Personal opinion, but I think Glenn could make the Pope look pretty stupid, if he so desired. I'd really enjoy seeing him in a one on one, gloves off, with Obamasama!!!

Old Rose

Jeff Dreibus said...


While the AIG taxpayer-money bonuses make me sick, the firing of Waggoner at GM was 'WAY out of bounds.

A simple cursory study of twentieth century history reveals that this man is behaving very much the way that Hitler did. What has gone on thus far is great cause for concern, but if he actually begins to imprison execs then it will be time for swift action.

As much as we may loathe corporate greed and incompetence, a latter-day Kristallnacht is NOT the appropriate response.

Remain vigilant.

Jeff Dreibus