Monday, March 16, 2009

The Rest of The Story

Does any of this sound familiar? You say, sure, that was the Obama and Biden Democrat Platform during the campaign and is now what the Chief Occupier is trying to do since he was elected. Well you are half right and half wrong. Read to the end and discover "the rest of the story"

A new day is dawning. Our country is at a turning point. This is a time of great possibility. Across the land, people are coming together to reshape our nation’s priorities to make government “of, by and for the people” a reality.

There is a crisis in every critical area of national life. Profits at the top are record high, but families can’t make ends meet. Trillions are squandered in Iraq, but 45 million are without health care. Billions are spent on tax breaks to the super rich, but working families are losing their homes and young people can’t afford higher education.

Working people want bold new policies to end war restore democratic traditions and create green living wage jobs, affordable housing, healthcare and quality education for everyone.

. Although the ultra-right is weakened and divided, they continue to push fear, division, racism and anti-immigrant bigotry in this year’s elections, aided and abetted by the corporate media. These multi-pronged poisonous tactics can only be overcome with unbreakable unity.

During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, unemployed workers and their allies marched and organized until public works jobs, Social Security and New Deal programs were won. In the 1960’s the great civil rights movement won the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.

In 2008, union members, African Americans, Latinos, youth and women, seniors, environmental and peace voters are forging a powerful new all encompassing movement that makes great changes possible.


We offer these proposals as a contribution toward the bold policy changes necessary to meet the immediate needs of working people, eliminate poverty and move our country forward with a new President and Congress. Funding to come from monies now being spent on the Iraq war, military budget and tax breaks to the super rich.

1. Immediate Relief

A moratorium on foreclosures and evictions.

Reset mortgages so payments are affordable.

No bail outs for banks.

Extend unemployment compensation, increase payments and eligibility.

Increase food stamps, WIC, children’s health insurance, and low income energy assistance.

Assist deficit-ridden state and local governments so they can preserve services and jobs. Fund “ready-to-go” infrastructure projects


2. A Peacetime, Green Jobs Economy for All

Enact massive public works job creation to make existing buildings energy efficient, construct new schools, hospitals, affordable housing, mass transit and bridges. Priority to areas hurt by loss of manufacturing, loss of family farms and highest unemployment areas including the Katrina-devastated Gulf Coast.

Major clean, affordable energy development project for solar, wind and biomass electricity generation.

Immediate program to cut greenhouse gas emissions and for environmental cleanup.

Restore Federal energy regulation and encourage public ownership of utilities.

Enact the Employee Free Choice Act to enable workers to form unions without intimidation and win higher wages and benefits, dignity and respect.

Enact HR 676 the US National Health Insurance Act to provide universal health insurance with single-payer financing.

Fully fund public education from pre-school through higher education and technical training.

No privatization of Social Security or Medicare. Expand and improve benefits.

3. Restore Civil Rights, the Bill of Rights and Separation of Powers

Restore Civil Rights Act enforcement, affirmative action in employment, education, and housing. End the “school to prison” pipeline.

Outlaw hate crimes.

Preserve Roe v. Wade.

Pass immigration reform with legalization, a path to citizenship, due process, no militarization of the borders, and no exploitative guest worker programs. No human being is illegal.

Repeal Patriot Act. Restore Habeas Corpus rights. No more torture. Investigate and prosecute Bush administration violations of the Constitution.

Expand voting rights. Enact publicly financed elections, same day registration, voting rights for ex-felons, verifiable voting equipment, and instant runoff voting.

Restore Fairness Doctrine in media.

4. Strength through Peace

Withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq with no bases or U.S. corporations left behind.

Full care for returning veterans.

No war on Iran or expansion of troops in Afghanistan. Assistance to Iraqi people to rebuild their country.

Adopt a new foreign policy of diplomacy and respect for all nations, instead of preemptive war for corporate interests. Renew commitment to UN peace role.

End trade policies that enrich corporations while destroying jobs.

Ratify Kyoto Treaty and other climate change agreements.

Enforce nuclear non-proliferation, work to abolish nuclear weapons.

Cut Pentagon spending in half, close down US bases around the world.

. Now that you have read what appears to be the Democrats and Chief Occupier’s platform here is where it actually came from. Looks like the “old plagiarist Joe “and in need of “Ghost Writer Barry” have taken the words right off the CPUSA manifesto.

Program Of The Communist Party USA.”


The Logistician said...

Lots of former Soviet citizens ended up in Los Angeles when I lived there. I had conversations with lots of them because many of them became taxicab drivers.

Most of the drivers I met were previously engineers, teachers, musicians, and artisans of some sort. I would generally ask them to the same question: What do you find the best the most significant difference between life in the former USSR and the US?

They almost uniformly said the following: If you were an average person, not highly motivated, and satisfied with a "comfortable" level of existence and having your basic needs met, the USSR was a better place.

On the other hand, if you were ambitious, highly motivated, and always seeking something better, the US was a better place.

Anonymous said...

Millions of people from just about every country on earth are trying to gain US citizenship. It's no mystery about the attraction. We are a land of opportunity and freedom. Let's keep it that way by opposing the destructive policies of those temporaryly in control.

Fred Gregory

Ticker said...

Logistician, guess you can tell what life the voters who voted this impostor into office are more accustom to. Those bred into the "entitlement" of "victimization" made up the majority of voters based the inference that one can draw from the information you have provided.

Anonymous said...

We are educated enough to recall Vladimir Lenin's truth: the purpose of socialism is communism.

Any one who voted for Obama who now claims they didn't know this does not deserve the right to vote. But you will find that there are literally millions of Americans who do subscribe to socialist/communist ideologies because "they deserve" something for nothing.

I am in my golden years now; I won't be here to witness the end of America ... but the end of our glorious experiment is coming sooner than most imagine. And yes, the horror is that they're doing it to themselves.

Stupid bastards.

Ticker said...

Mustang if you will remember I posted this on the blog , February 18, 2009 "And No One Listened"

Norman Thomas said this in a 1944 speech:

"The American people will never knowingly adopt
Socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism," they will
Adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day
America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it
Happened." He went on to say: "I no longer need to run as a
Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The
Democratic Party has adopted our platform."

Prophetic indeed!

Anonymous said...

Former VP Dick Cheney tell it like it is.

VIDEO: Cheney: Obama wants 'massive expansion'

Fred Gregory

Anonymous said...

The entire 10 minute Cheney interview is


Fred G.

EDGE said...

Great post!

GM Roper said...

Ticker, when you be "Jus' Sayin'" you be tellin' da absolute truth!

Having said that, a call for political intelligence tests prior to getting a license to vote should be required. However, that would be unconstitutional unless it was passed as an amendment. Overly reactive? Not given the timbre of the current occupant of the White House.

Well done Ticker, one can always tell when you are on the ball... your eyes are open!

Oh, and my word verification jumble is "buyots" awfully close to "buy outs" if you ask me. :)