Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Revolution EditedScott Brown Wins in Massachusetts. Revolution?

Yes and No. Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts is the beginning of a change in this country, a change in the attitude that the people have developed about the leadership of this country. It is a warning to those who hold the seats of governmental power that “We, the People” are tired of the status quo and the arrogance that emanates from Washington.

Mitt Romney called it “a shot heard around the world.” Perhaps he is correct. It was certainly a shot  heard across this nation and especially on Capitol Hill, and maybe, just maybe, in the White House.  The reaction of Washington will determine if it was heard in a positive fashion that will bring change, or if it was just another blip on the radar of decline.

If Obama and this administration move to the center, as President Clinton did after his wake-up call in 1996, then it will be a sign to the world that the people of the United States are still in control. If not, it will show that the leadership of this country is determined to undermine the will of the people, and the country will be further weakened.

It is doubtful that this President will move toward or attempt to govern from the center given his narcissistic personality. He does not like being told no, and at this point, by coincidence one year to the day since his inauguration, he has shown no real personal success. His attempt to acquire the Olympics failed. His attempted leadership role in Copenhagen failed when he was ignored by China and other countries. His attempt to deal with both Iran and North Korea failed and has been met with nothing but mocking and disdain. He failed his attempt to involve this country in the affairs of tiny Honduras when he was met with contempt and a “mind your own business.” His so-called Stimulus bill has been nothing but a total failure, as evidenced by the lack of growth in jobs or the overall economy. His attempts to deal with Iran and Afghanistan have, to date, been more failure.

Given his personality and his abhorrence of failure, he will have no other choice but to force his issues, regardless of the will of the people. He will show the world that he has no spine for dealing openly and honestly, even with the people of his own country, so how can he possibly be trusted to deal in an open manner with them? They see this as weakness, and he will face even more problems from those who would destroy this nation.

When Obama does attempt to force his agenda upon the American People, and I have no doubt that he will, then we will see a revolt.

The Democrat Party will pull out all stops in order to put down a rebellion before it can turn in to a full-fledged revolution. Harry Reid and a few of his minions fired the first volley, in so many words,  when they made statements concerning delaying the seating of Scott Brown until a vote could be taken on Health Care. That would certainly be the shot that reverberates around the world and back again, for it would bring full-scale revolution, with people taking to the streets to protest even more of the arrogance of Washington.

The people of Massachusetts did indeed speak for the country as a whole in this election. It was not as much dissatisfaction with health care as it was with the attitude displayed in Washington that brought the defeat of Martha Coakley and the Democrat machine. It was a sign to this President that Chicago-style politics will not work in the United States as a whole. It was a warning to him and to those in Congress who have failed to listen to the people that “Yes We Can” is more than a campaign mantra. The people of Massachusetts have shown the country that “Yes We Can” is a rallying cry of “We, the People” that must be taken up daily and directed to those who would run roughshod over us. Enough is enough!

Scott Brown said over and over in his campaign the very words that every Republican and every Independent should be telling those in Congress: It is not your seat; it is the people’s seat that you are occupying, and it is time that you do the will of the people who elected you. In the coming months leading up to the November elections, those words need to be impressed upon the Congress and the Administration and everyone who will be running for a vacant seat. Those are the words of a true revolution and the only way to insure that “We, the People” are heard. Scott Brown and Massachusetts indeed showed the change that is needed if this country is to survive as the land of the free.

In Brown’s acceptance speech last night, he made a statement that sums up what the people in this country are feeling and that should resound in the halls of Congress and especially the White House: “In dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them, not lawyers to defend them.” The question is, “Are you listening, Obama?” If not, then prepare yourself for a revolution.

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