Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome to a new Blog and new blogger

I wish to take the time  to introduce a new blog and new blogger.  It is not often that I get as excited about a new blogger or a new blog but this is one that I am excited about.

The title of the Blog is : God Expects Perfect? total victory perspective "TVP" (the  new blogger is Randy Hignight

 The blog is taken from the book by the same name and contains messages and training from Author Randy Hignight, of the book God Expects Perfect? Total Victory Perspective TVP learn it, live it, share it!
 Now a simple easy fast to understand methods to serve God.
There you can read more about Randy’s life and his work.  He is an exciting young man in my opinion and I believe that you will feel the same once you have checked out his site.

I met Randy in September of 2008  while in the Dallas VA Hospital, where he works and I was a patient under going surgery for prostate cancer and we had a very wonderful conversation. Randy told me of his work of ten years on the book and I asked him to send me a copy.  He did, and WOW folks it is something else. I read the book in it’s entirety in one sitting (it helps that I am a speed reader but I am believing that you will also have a difficult time putting it down once you get it) and then went back and began to read it over again.

I was so impressed with the book and with Randy that I knew I had to do something to let folks know about what he has written and what he is doing. This is my small contribution to what I hope is a major success not only for Randy but for all those who read his book.
The book will soon be re-released very soon and will be available in both regular book form and e-Book form as well. I encourage you to order the book and begin the new walk shown through the Scriptures and Randy’s book.
I am sure there will be updates as to the availability of the book and when and how to order on Randy’s blog. I will passing along some updates as well.

Also check out his Website at

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God Expects Perfect? said...

thank you Dallas for all the kind comments 2010 will be intresting for sure. God bless, stay in touch!