Sunday, January 24, 2010

Will the Far Right Blow theVictory?

Three hundred and sixty five days since the original faux Hope and Change took office and  Change finally arrives. Unfortunately the excitement of Scott Browns election had not even worn off before the far right began their usual mantra of “he’s just a RINO and will have to be watched.  What a load of hubris!  What a certain way for the Democrats to retain control in November of 2010.  These far righters who believe that who ever is running is not a member of the First Baptist or Last Holy Roller Church is not worthy of election need to stop and understand. It was not the Republican Party nor the conservatives who elected Scott Brown to the Senate. It was the good people of Massachusetts, the independent voter, the voter who put country before politics that elected Scott Brown.

The far right needs to be very aware of this for they do not carry the weight to get a fly elected to a cow pile.  They need and this country needs the Independent voter in order to bring some sanity back into the political system.  Independent voters know the issues and listen to what the candidate is saying rather than looking at what church he attends, who he gives some praise too and to what state he is from.  They need to understand that they do not make up the entire  voting population and all candidates are not from the south nor are they all teetotalers who won’t have sex standing up because they fear someone will think they are dancing.  In other word the far right needs to take a good gulp of shut –up juice and learn to look at the candidate and to listen to what they are saying , not what they think they are saying based on their preconceived notions that if they ain’t “far right” they ain’t one of usuns. 

I took a look at a few blogs this morning such as the American Thinker and first post was a negative one about Scott Brown with probably a dozen negative comments by those who are from the same far right that stayed at home , didn’t vote and helped elect Barrack Obama.  As I perused other blogs I found the same rabid far righters already condemning and warning Brown to do as the far right wants, not what the people who elected him wish.  Too bad these folks can’t learn to think for themselves and see further than the end of their noses. If they could have we would have Mitt Romney as President instead of BHO.  Of course Governor Romney is a RINO in their mind and always will be unworthy of their vote.  Ignorance has to be eternal bliss for the far righters. They prove over and over that they can not a bit more think for themselves than the far lefters can. All they do is listen to what some other blind and deaf righter, usually the one standing in their pulpit, is saying and take it for gospel.  They give an invitation and if a sinner shows at the altar they are convinced that it all for show in order to make a personal gain.  In other words the invitation is for their kind only, not for someone who has seen the error of past ways and mistakes and wishes to make a fresh start.

If the conservative Republicans want to win in November they need to get control of the far righters and let them know that you don’t always get perfection or certainly not the perfection they perceive in their view.  It takes views from all points or else we have just what we have today, a corrupt , power hungry administration, running the country into the ground.  The far righters need to learn to take the best of what others offer, offer their ideas and hope that the best of all the ideas become the platform for victory instead of a battleground for infighting. 

If you are a far righter and I have offended you, GOOD. That is exactly what I intended to do. Get your fingers out of your ears and stop acting like spoiled children and join with Republicans from center to right and Independents who put love of country ahead of politics and mean spirited ideology. 


GM Roper said...

Ticker, although I agree with you in the vast majority of substance, I think that many RINO's (Snowe, Collins and McCain come to mind)are really more democrats than Republican.

That said, what we need to do is look for and PUSH more conservatives into running spirited campaigns for elective office. Until that happens, we will continue to get many disappointments in elective office holders.

I supported Brown, even knowing his positions on abortion etc because Coakley was so much worse. That should NOT be interpreted as saying that we don't need to get behind conservatives, we do. But, in the case where there is a so-called RINO running against a Liberal Democrat, elect the RINO.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Scott Brown says he is not a conservative, but he campaigned on very, very conservative stances. His biggest stickler is that he has said Roe vs Wade is settled law and will not work to overturn it, however, he is against government funding of abortion - that's very important, and he is against late-term abortion, and he supports those objecting to abortions being able to opt out in hospitals.

He is fiscally very conservative. He believes we should have the strongest possible military, he is against the current health care, against cap and tax.

In Massachusetts, he could not say he was conservative.

I haven't seen anyone objecting to him, but was there a better alternative? Nope. I think he will be a great senator.

At some point we must understand that we cannot have everything, but what we can demand is conservatism.

Good advice Ticker. Thanks for those very, very kind words over at Mary's:-) They were much appreciated!

Ticker said...

GM said:"in the case where there is a so-called RINO running against a Liberal Democrat, elect the RINO."

Agreed GM but the far right will not go along with what is an opportunity to defeat the leftist just because the so called RINO is not just like them. The opportunity to defeat the left is then lost because of far right ideologues who put agenda before country. Mitt Romney's failure to get the nomination because of the far rights sidetracking that opportunity is exactly what got us what we have in the WH today. Having to pay the consequences should have taught the far right something, unfortunately I am not seeing that they have learned anything.

Ticker said...

Maggie, good points but unfortunately too many of the far right, as I pointed out being thrown out the first day of victory on the American Thinker and others having appeared there in more recent days, tells me that agenda comes before good of the country for many.

Scott Brown may not be the "perfect" conservative but then where is the "perfect" candidate. They all have things that someone or some group will not totally like but the purpose is to take the best and move forward and continue to try to improve upon what you have to work with. Once again however the far right ideologues do not see it in that light.
As for example , in the AT blog, the far righters were already burning Palin's support of McCain and claiming that they could not support someone who supports a RINO. Sure recipe for losing IMHO.

The words on Dr.J's blog were from the heart. THank you for taking time to read and comment here as well as on Dr.J's. (my blogdaughter)

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Ticker, I'm one that "burned" Palin. I do not understand her move to endorse the man who is conservative in only a few ways, and threw her under the as soon as the election was over.

That does not mean that Palin will not go on to endorse very conservative candidates, and I hope she does, and I will support her.

I've never decided that I would want her to run for President. I just don't know enough about her for that, but hope to learn much more now with her moving around the country.

Ticker, I voted for John McCain because I had no other choice. His stance on immigration is traitorous to me. Still yet I voted for him because I had to.

Sarah did not have to endorse McCain. I think she is a nice lady who did not want to say no. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she sees nothing wrong with McCain's lack of conservatism.

But she is not running for office, so I don't support her endorsement. I'll do everything I can to discourage her from picking a non-conservative to get behind in the future.

Ticker said...

I believe Palin endorsed McCain out of kindness and thanks for putting her in the national spotlight.

She likes the conservatism that McCain does have, albeit, small amounts but she also respects his right to have a different opinion on how things can work and his ability to use bipartinship to get what he wants. That ability of hers is what separates her from the far right ideologues who so worship her to a point of making me want to puke.
Palin running for POTUS in 2012 would be a total disaster. I believe she is in the position that she needs to hold for a time and that being the firebrand of conservatives. Her appeal to independents will have to grow and as she understands this she will alienate many of the far right for they feel she belongs to them and only them. She is God's appointed heir to the WH according to so many of them. I have heard and read many make the statement that God told them that she was to lead this nation. I got some news for those folks. God and I have very regular conversations, on going and lengthy, and I have yet to hear him endorse anyone in that manner. I don't think he is keeping that a secret from me.
I cast my vote for McCain for much the same reason, not because he was the most qualified candidate out of the Republican Party but he was no Obama, a totally unqualified individual with too many unknowns for my taste and too many unsavory connections .
As an independent I back individual who is most qualified. I prefer those who are conservative but if they are too narrow in their views they get zero support from me.
This country is not a far right grounded nor founded nation. It is has always been more of centrist nation with more leanings to the right. It's time folks understood this and move to consolidate that stand.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

If Palin respects McCain's bipartisianship, she is worse than I could have dreamed. He has done nothing in all his reaching across the aisle but bring grief to this country.

I have no more patience for the McCains, Kerrys, and Kennedys who buddy-up for all the wrong reasons.

Ticker said...

Perhaps in the past few years McCain's reaching across the aisle has not been what it should have been in some respects but on numerous occasions his ability to do such has gotten the votes necessary for legislation to pass that other wise would have languished on the table and died.
He formed his dealing from the old school politicians who knew how to broker a deal and do what was good for everyone, not just one party. Too bad we don't have that caliber of politicians in office today.

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PJ said...

A Democrat or Republican will be elected to office in the 2010 and 2012 elections; that's a fact. (with the exception of a couple of "independent" senators who align themselves with the Democrats), People who are conservative or who can be labeled far-right need to make a decision now; they can either find and support credible candidates or they can abdicate to the liberals.

It makes me crazy when I hear that conservatives take a walk during a general election because their candidate lost in a primary and they can't support the Republican winner. So, they let the D win. Then, they complain about the liberal that they helped, by not voting, win the election. No candidate is perfect. The only perfect person to come along died over 2000 years ago.

If we want perfect, those of us who married would be married (just ask you spouse). So, when we vote we have to chose who the candidate that comes the closet to representing our views because one will be elected.

As one who subscribes more to Libertarian views and who is registered unaffiliated, I will vote for the conservative or the person who comes closet to conservative. Let a liberal win by default; I think not.

Ticker said...

PJ said: "I will vote for the conservative or the person who comes closet to conservative. Let a liberal win by default; I think not."

My point exactly but unfortunately the far righter do not see it that way. They would rather support no one than to be cast as one who "compromised THEIR values" and then complain when the libs control the lawmaking process.

In battle it is best sometimes to fall back a bit than to get slaughtered.

Ticker said...

Welcome Vijay. Your comments are appreciated. Thanks for adding me to your list of reads. I will be adding you to my list soon.

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