Monday, January 11, 2010

Why The Celebration For 2010 Is Too Early

Too early to celebrate?  Yep for dang sure. With no leadership either on the Republican side or the conservative side who is going to lead us to the promise land.  Steele is just another affirmative action appointee made by a handful of guilt driven Republicans and others who want to say, "LOOK, we have a man of color leading our party".  BS, and that folks is what is it. Steele couldn't lead a pack of starving wolves to a fresh "jackass" carcass and get them to eat. Gingrich is nothing but a has been interested only in selling his books and lining his pockets.

 Palin, lacks the armor that is needed to stand off the real flack she would get if she were to attempt a disastrous run at the WH. She needs to be in the role of that dang pesky pest that won't go away for the Dems for the next 7 years and then maybe, just maybe she might have a chance. That is not to say that she can not assume a leadership role as time passes this election cycle. Going to Fox News certainly will not help her cause among independents. Maybe a term in the Senate or Congress would help her a bit but until then, don't count on the Palin to pull the magic cord and make the bad go away.  It ain't happening.

The Dems will go among the left leaning Republicans and find some candidate to run as a Dem and the idiots of that district will only see a "moderate" running and vote for the fool as the lesser of two evils.

Conservatives of the extreme right will form a third party and screw the rest of the conservative movement by their actions and thus lead to another long run of disastrous Dems in power which of course leads to Obummer being re-elected if George Soros continues to see that he can use the sock puppet for his purposes, otherwise, Obummer is out and Hillary will be in. Mark it down on the calendar folks.

Bobby Jindel is about as exciting as watching as waiting for a rock to melt in the hot Texas sun.  We all know that ain’t happening either and Jindel will not suddenly become the leader that many had hoped he would be.  He was a total disaster in his single speech appearance during the election period. 

Everyone who keeps up with politics and the Republican party knows that Graham (SC) and Crist (Fla) are chomping at the bits to become the front runner for the WH in 2012 but anyone who knows will know that they are definitely not what any conservative wants in the WH or as leaders. They are not leaders IMHO but
hangers-on who seek to do nothing but further their own agenda and feather their nest. 

 Gov.Rick  Perry(Texas)  can be added to this list unfortunately since he has displayed very little leadership even in his own domain of the Republic of Texas.  He has allowed one of his own party to hold immigration bills hostage and has not used his power to release what the people of this Republic desire so don’t hold your breath on Perry appearing as a leader.

 As far as Kaye Hutchinson goes, well let’s say, the sooner she goes the better. She desires to be Governor because she feels it’s a better step toward the WH than a Senate seat.  She would indeed be a disaster for the Republic of Texas.  She is about as conservative as John McCain who seems to be sticking his nose up in the air smelling to see if he has another chance. Yep, John,  you have about as much chance as that rock is going to melt in Texas anytime soon.  Say good-bye John and retire. You served your country well while in uniform but it’s time for you to move on. You no longer do us any favor sticking around and taking up space.

Mitt Romney albeit not as conservative as some would like is never the less one of the few who could take leadership and actually bring the Party together(and BTW could have beaten Obama) except for the far right who would not vote for him unless he was a full fledged Southern Baptist. Romney has been successful at every job that he has undertaken. He is passionate. He is articulate, savvy and has an eye for recruiting those who are the best at their jobs. Mitt Romney could do wonders for the party. He would be able to provide the GOP’s, get out the vote, 72 hour program with great improvements and he would create a top notch center for Republican organization, communications, fundraising and creative strategy. Romney has been bantered around as one to become the leader of the RNC but becoming the political leader of the party does not help him establish the bipartisan image that a Presidential nominee needs to capture the independent vote. If he did as a good a job for the having been the chairman of the party he rebuilds, could help him get the party’s nomination. I feel that a truly smart RNC chairman would involve Mitt Romney and utilize his expertise but unfortunately the current chairman is not going to do any such thing to assist Romney or anyone else. Doing so would keep Romney free to expand his nonpolitical credentials while still allowing for his Midas touch to assist behind the scenes.

The same group brought about the nomination of McCain by rejecting Romney on the grounds of his Mormon faith yet claim to uphold the Constitution which says there will be no religious litmus test for office then stayed home like spoiled children, listening to their Granpa Dobson and Uncle Tony and the rest of the shallow pulpit thumpers.  The consequences, as I wrote in an early blog prior to the election, would be hell to pay. We got Obama and the far right has no one to blame but themselves.  I have no use for the far right as many can tell. I put them in the same category as I do the far left—trouble makers.  The far right, just like the far left, has no use for anyone who has any ideas other than their own narrow band of ideas and will stoop to any depth to bring about their undoing.  The far right sings the same old song with the same old verse over and over again.  When I was a Southern Baptist(first 28 years of my life) I use to cringe when the Pastor would use Just As I Am as the invitation hymn.  It has five verses for goodness sake and he would sing all five, have the choir sing a verse then have the organist and pianist play a verse and still insist that the congregation sing another verse then the choir hum a verse. In between times he had to drone on with a prayer for those who needed to come to the altar. The only folks moving were those going out the back door and those in the balcony making their way out to go home.

There is room for the far-right in the movement but they need to know when to shut up and stop stirring the pudding before they ruin it for everyone. They are a reason I have doubts about the Tea Party movements of late. It seems that the movment has fragmented into separate groups, each striving for power. The far right wants to move the movement to the right of the frozen chosen while others in the Tea Party movement want to include those who are just plain tired of both parties continually screwing the American people and tearing down the very foundations this country was built on. This group is also tired of those who fail to abide by the Constitution, just as I am, and are open to those who will uphold the Constitution; the far right group is not open to these folks because they don’t hold all of the same narrow views which they do.  Don’t look for a lot of leadership to evolve from the Tea Party movement, unfortunately.

 So who is in charge here?

Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Republican voters say their party has no clear leader, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Another 17% are undecided.
Just five percent (5%) view either John McCain, the GOP's unsuccessful 2008 presidential candidate, or new party chairman Michael Steele as the party's leader. (Rasmussen Reports)

There is mention of a few others within Congress but I don’t see any of them stepping up as real leaders. " Pawlenty has been mentioned a few times along with some rather basically unknowns.

Richard Lugar, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, defended President Barack Obama’s handling of recent terrorism threats, taking issue with former Vice President Dick Cheney’s criticism.

“It’s unfair,” Lugar said in an interview for Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” airing this weekend. “I think the president is focused.”

Michael Steele certainly is not a leader, he is only out for Steele and what the position for which he was totally unqualified for will bring him. Some of his recent comment show his lack of leadership and his lack of ability to forge any kind of base”: 

 Get with the program," he said. "Some of my prior chairmen who are running their mouths right now, how many farm teams did you build as chairman?" 'I've had enough of it. If you don't want me in the job, fire me. But until then, shut up. Get with the program or get out of the way.

Responding directly to a report Thursday in The Washington Times that some top donors are bypassing the RNC to give to the Republican Governors Association and other party campaign committees and candidates because of discontent with Mr. Steele, the national chairman struck an aggressive tone. "If you don't want me on the job, fire me. But until then, shut up,"

GOP Chairman Michael Steele began the week by candidly telling Sean Hannity that, while Republicans will certainly pick up seats in the House in 2010, they won't win enough to close the Democrats' massive 78-seat advantage. That certainly is not the words one wants to hear from leadership.  A sports coach would be fired if he made such a statement and Steele should be.

This sums up Steele pretty much:

“I do not see how a chairman can do book tours and give speeches for fees that go to him and not the RNC, which needs more money badly,” said Mr. Nicholson, who was President George W. Bush’s secretary of veterans affairs.“You cannot serve two masters in that job,” Mr. Nicholson said. “I think when elected, you agree to give the RNC and its mission 100 percent of your efforts.”

Gingrich said he's a fan of Steele, who is "pretty close to what we need." Gingrich is certainly not the leadership the Party needs either. Anyone who lines up with Gore and Pelosi certainly is not what is needed in leadership.

“I completely understand why many of you would have questions about this, so I want to take this opportunity to explain my reasons. First of all, I want to be clear: I don't think that we have conclusive proof of global warming. And I don't think we have conclusive proof that humans are at the center of it.”Newt Gingrich

But yet he takes part in advertisement with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for The Alliance for Climate Protection, a group founded by former Vice President Al Gore. The ad was nothing more than support for CRAP AND TAX.

So what happens in 2010.  There is no leadership at the moment and waiting until the campaign season commences is too late. The time for leadership to step up  is nowand then I would call it a bit late.  Leadership should have already been banging on the Democrats showing their underhanded ways in handling the Health Care debacle but no one has really spoken up. No one has made enough noise to get the attention of the media and folks the only way to get their attention is to raise a lot of cain, loud and furious. Who cares if you tick off some idiot in Congress, they need to be ticked off and kicked out. Who cares if you tick off Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, they need to be ticked off and should have been kicked to the curb years ago. Race baiters just never seem to go away. They are just not getting as much attention since the biggest race baiter resides in the White House.

Unless the Party gets off it’s dead butt look for failure in 2010 and 2012 and folks by that time the US as we have known it will have ceased to exist.

Celebrate the fact that a bunch of Dems are leaving a sinking ship and that somehow is suppose to give the Republicans a shoo in victory, not by a long shot. I won't celebrate until the election is over and the vacated seats are filled by duly elected candidates.  I won't hold my breath on this happening quickly after the elections given the debacle of  the  Franken disaster in Minn. Acorn can always come up with some "suddenly found ballots" in the back of an abandoned Vega.


Sue said...

How about my Representative, Mike Pence. Any thoughts on him, or is he just a RINO, too?

clay barham said...

America was founded on individual liberty and local government no more than one day’s horseback ride from the governed. The 19th century Democrat was the staunch defender of state’s rights, which, under Federalists, Whigs and Republicans was assigned the role of slavery’s justifiers. The civil war cost us local government, the laws affecting behavior rising to the states and then the Federal government, way outside the one-day horseback distance rule that worked so well. The vigilante movements in the West and South were remnants of local home rule, where citizens concerned with the way they were governed took action to right the wrongs. The Tea Party Movement is another example of citizen participation against the governing elite centered far, far from the folks. It demonstrates the founding ideals of America are still the dominant tradition. The 20th century Democrats have declared war on Tea Parties as vigilantes and on America’s founding traditions, as cited in THE CHANGING FACE OF DEMOCRATS, Our Lost Libertarian Roots on

Ticker said...

Only so much room Sue to mention a few. So far I have seen nothing that would indicate that Pence is a leader. What is he doing now to show his leadership in a meaningful way?

Always On Watch said...

An excellent analysis, though I don't take such a negative view.

It could be that BHO and this Congress will enrage enough voters that they'll vote for anyone else, any Republican who comes to the fore. In the long run, of course, just voting against this administration will lead to something other than true conservatism. America over the years has gotten in several messes by voting against incumbents and thereby voting in something not much better.

Have you seen Beamish's essay on the topic as to why we don't have conservative leadership?

PJ said...

As one who lived in the political arena for over 30 years, I can tell you that getting lathered up 10 months out from an election is a waste of energy. The public's memory is about 30 days on most issues. We have all seen elections turn in just a few weeks. The economy and the healthcare debate may throw that out the window, though. If unemployment does drop significantly over the next 10 months, there could be a Republican in the Speaker's chair and Pelosi would be on the back bench - one can only hope.

When people sit back and wait for victory in November, they have already lost the war. Conservatives, Republicans, and independents need to make a decision; they can get behind a candidate who will beat liberals in November and Obama in 2012 or let the current mess accelerate toward a government that mirrors western Europe.

No candidate will be perfect; the only perfect individual born on this planet died over 2,000 years ago. Whether far-right, Tea Party, Republican, conservative, people need to think about which candidate will be best - not perfect -- to keep this country together.

I am not happy with the GOP - a party to which I once belonged before switching to independent. Ticker, I am with you in that the far-right is just as bad as the far left. The Republican right-wing litmus test in past races let the liberals win races they should have lost because the right-wing crowd stayed home and then bitched about the outcome.

Bottom line: either a Republican or Democrat will win. I will work for the candidate who can best carry conservative values and policies. I like Romney because has has met a payroll and has been successful in business and Massachusetts. Republicans need to get their stuff together or they can take the blame for where our country is headed.

Ticker said...

AOW, I am a realist. I tend to call things as they are not as they just appear to be. Right now, there is NO leadership and without such the Republicans can kiss 2010 and 2012 goodbye and we can kiss this country as we know it goodbye as well.

Read what PJ has to say. He has been in the circle for many years and I have known him for more years than that. He knows of what he speaks.
When he says Republicans of every stripe need to pick a candidate that can win he's right. No candidate will meet the expectations of every segment of the party but one will have what it takes to win. The far righters did exactly what I and PJ have said. They stayed at home, pouting because their candidate, Huckabee, didn't make the cut and you see what we got.
I'll check out Beamish's essay. He is interesting and always has a good take on things.

Ticker said...

AOW I read Beamish's essay. He say things very similar to what I am saying. I summed up why there is no leadership in the paragraph beginning, "there is room for the far-right..." and I believe that pretty much sums up why there is no leadership, that and we have too many who have been in power who only want to continue feathering their nest, not serving the people. I eluded to that in the paragraphs following.
Thanks again for the link to Beamish.

Always On Watch said...

The far righters did exactly what I and PJ have said. They stayed at home, pouting because their candidate, Huckabee, didn't make the cut and you see what we got.


But not just the far righters stayed home. Others did, too, I think.

Meanwhile, the Dems unified behind BHO.

Is it my imagination or are the Dems more able to unify than the Republicans? Voters, I mean.

And one more thing....BHO galvanized the young vote. In the Virginia elections last November, the Dem candidate, endorsed by BHO, was unable to do so. This is not to say that the GOP should take for granted a win in 2010 and 2012. Leadership is critical, but so many non-Dems run off in different directions.

Ticker said...

AOW as to the far righter staying home pouting, they were told by their pulpit pounders to stay at home and that is just what they did. Like sheep being led to the slaughter they obeyed without as much as a whimper. As for the rest who may have stayed at home, I am not sure exactly who they were or what alignment but they got what they deserved, the rest of us have to suffer .

Do the Dems unify more, yep, always have of course back in my days it was two dollars and a pint of cheap whiskey that unified the same voters who are still voting the same way to this day but today the "hit" is much higher as was shown in the Louisiania Purchase and the Nebraska Payoff.

As for the young vote, it was a one time deal. It was fun to do something that they had never done before and saw Obummer as a "rock star" and voted much like voting on American Idol. They young will not turn out again for him, he's boring according to many of the young first time voters I talk to. Most are actually ashamed they voted for Obummer but then they say, Oh, well, he was something different. I tell them so was Attila the Hun, and I guess you would have voted for him as well. End discussion, red faced they turn away.

The Republicans have no leadership and won't be able to take advantage of the situation in 2010. Otherwise they would be attacking something other than a gaffe by the assistant chief of gaffe's, Harry Reid. Biden is the Chief of Gaffes and they seem to have hidden him away safely for the time being.
Too many little groups trying to be Kingmakers and none of them have a clue. That young lady will be the reason for the downfall in 2010 unless someone steps up and steps up soon to beat the Dems over the head with all the broken promises and even use the Unions dissatisfaction on health care as a club. So far (chirp , chirp, chirp.... crickets)