Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And the Beat(ing) Goes On-- Part 13


White House releases Obama birth certificate

Question is... Is it real?  There is no seal on the birth certificate nor on the signature dated April 2011 of the individual supposedly certifying that it is a true copy. Check out the PDF and read the entire article to see for yourself. 

My birth certificate has a seal on it (bet yours does too) and the copy of my daughters has a seal of the original filing and one stating that the copy it is a true and certified copy.  Of course the Obamabots will buy it and say it's all good. Most of them of course have never seen their own birth certificate so how would they know what one looks like?

Meanwhile the "Liar in Chief" continues his smoke and mirrors games on the budget, fuel prices, which he says the government has no control over but they suddenly went down in 08 when it was announced that drilling permits had been issued, and of course the events in Libya.  His life in the land of make believe is all good and he has no intentions of leaving his own little paradise.

And the beat(ing) goes on.


Faultline USA said...

It would seem to me that someone should be able to find others who were born in Hawaii in that same year and they might have copies to compare.

Anonymous said...

And my certified copy from Asheville was presented to me within ten or fifteen minutes, rather than two weeks.

Something smells about this, I'm just not sure what all it is!!

Old Rose

Z said...

My friend has a brother born at the same time in Hawaii and his birth cert. is with him and it's very different than the Cert. of Live birth was..different colored paper, etc.

Old Rose..."two WEEKS?" it's taken Obama two YEARS, right?

I've written on this, too......
Obama's campaign speech, again, was such an insult....anybody who questions is a "sideshow carnival barker?" really? Are the Kenyans who still insist he was born there barkers?
He acted this morning as if ALL Republican candidates have only spoken of this subject when most haven't touched it...he acted like HE's above it all ... And watching CNN's folks protect him was actually a good morning laugh for me.
"We have enormous challenges", he said this morning...and then, over THIS 'enormous challenge' (!) that could have been put to rest two years ago, he gets ALL the networks and ALL the local stations to cut into their programming to hear him say he's got a birth certificate.

Ticker said...

Yep, Rose, it took less than two weeks to obtain my daughters birth certificate.

Z, it sure does seem phony given that there is no seal to validate that it is real. Mine does. Of course Obama used this a political fodder which is of course just another item for creating BS. Fodder=BS. It always follows a healthy load of fodder.

Faultline seems as if you got your wish or answer from Z.

Always On Watch said...

Obama is strutting right now with the release of this certificate, authentic or not.

However, let's see if his approval numbers continue to fall.