Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome to The Habitual Muse Blog

Folks you need to welcome a new blogger .  I think you will find her blog to be as light and refreshing as a spring day, certainly as sunny for sure.   The name of the blog is the Habitual Muse

Please join me in welcoming her.  Her comment section is not working for some reason so if you have a suggestion as to how to make it work please let her  know via this blog.

The site ,HABITUAL MUSE,  is still having problems with the Comments section and getting them to show.  Send the comments here and I will send them along to Erin.  I think she will get it fixed soon.  


All things are working at Habitual Muse. Please take a look and leave a comment. You remember how important comments were to you as a new blogger.  You will really enjoy this blog.  


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Erin

Fred G.

Ticker said...

She's your neighbor Fred. Almost . She lives in Gboro

Chuck said...

Welcome Muse

Z said...

it's a really nice, uplifting blog and I wish her all the best!

Debbie said...

I'm always looking for good new (to me) blogs, thanks for sharing.

Right Truth

NanWills2 said...

Great job, Erin! Keep that good info coming!