Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Music Time

Because He Lives by Gaither Vocal Band

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! Ya can't get much better harmony, and the message is unbeatable!!


Old Rose

Z said...

LOvely..they wanted me to sing this on Easter Sunday and it's too one-dimensional alone..without a group singing with. I turned them down, but I AM singing LORD JESUS IS IT I? on Maundy our service. That's a KILLER song, everybody cries and I love to affect people like that.. When the HOly SPirit's busy, I am happy, especially when He's busy through ME! :-)
THanks for posting it....happy Sunday, Ticker

Ticker said...

You go Z. Let the Spirit lead and sing for all your are worth.

Yep, Old Rose it says so much but folks seem to miss the message. HE LIVES and BECAUSE HE LIVES.....