Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Music Time

Drinking From My Saucer-- Michael Combs
  I've Never Made A Fortune
and It's Probably Too Late Now
but I Don't Worry About That Much
i'm Happy Anyhow
and As I Go Along Life's Journey
i'm Reaping Better Than I Sow
i'm Drinking From My Saucer
'cause My Cup Has Overflowed

haven't Got A Lot Of Riches
and Sometimes The Going's Tough
but I've Got Loving Ones Around Me
and That Makes Me Rich Enough
i Thank God For His Blessings
and The Mercies He's Bestowed
i'm Drinking From My Saucer
'cause My Cup Has Overflowed

o, Remember Times When Things
went Wrong
my Faith Wore Somewhat Thin
but All At Once The Dark Clouds Broke
and Sun Peeped Through Again
so Lord, Help Me Not To Gripe
about The Tough Rows That I've Hoed
i'm Drinking From My Saucer
"cause My Cup Has Overflowed

if God Gives Me Strength And Courage
when The Way Grows Steep And Rough
i'll Not Ask For Other Blessings
i'm Already Blessed Enough
and May I Never Be Too Busy
to Help Others Bear Their Loads
then I'll Keep Drinking From My Saucer
"cause My Cup Has Overflowed!"
   Hattip to my old friend and classmate Gary Long  Thanks for the link Gary and the suggestion to put this on Sunday Music Time.  Hope you enjoy.   


Anonymous said...

This video of 4 men singing Amazing Grace is worth listening to. It will bless your heart. Have a blessed day.


Fred G.

Ticker said...

Great Sound Fred. I have heard this group doing another song but this is GREAT! And Yes, How Amazing is His Grace!!!.

Z said...

The delivery of that song in your video's very unusual...I'd never heard the song or the singer, thanks!

The Amazing Grace in Rome is nice..what a fast crescendo they to to halfway through! I've sung as part of four singers many, many times and our harmonies have put goose bump on goose bump...if the singers in Rome didn't have them while they were singing that huge harmony, they were lip synchin'!!
it's a remarkable feeling to be making that kind of sound!

Ticker said...

Z it was originally a poem written by John Paul Moore in 1970. Not much else is to be found by him. Several individuals such as "Whispering" Bill Anderson, recorded it as a monologue; Jimmy Dean , who recorded it under the title of My Cup Runneth over and did not sing but more of a monologue. Jim Nabors did it as well to the tune of "Tammy" believe it or not and the words are not even the same for the most part.

It is a shame that more is not known about the writer .

Michael Combs has recorded several other songs, much with the same beat and feel. He has an unusual voice but I enjoy it. My good friend Gary thought I would enjoy it when he sent it and I did. He also asked if I might post it as part of my blog. I did. Just wish more folks were listening to it and commenting on it.
He is a minister with a what most would consider a small ministry: