Friday, September 9, 2011

And The Beat(ing) Goes On Part30-- Obama's Job Speech, a Re-Run, Nothing More

Remember this? Sounds a lot like last night's "campaign stump speech" doesn't it.  I have included some of the comments and the doubts are still the same. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

JOBS : Who Are You Kidding?

Does Obama ever read what he says or listen to what he is being told?  The answer is NO. If you have doubts this should clear them for you. 

The Council of Economic Advisers also trumpeted the $787 billion economic stimulus package, which it said has saved or created about 2 million jobs. 

But we know that was a lie and now comes this

                                 PROMISES PROMISES:  Jobs bill short on making jobs


WASHINGTON - There's a problem with the bipartisan jobs bill emerging in the Senate: It won't create many jobs.
WASHINGTON - The Senate's bipartisan jobs bill includes a tax break for companies that hire unemployed workers, money for highway construction, relief for private pensions and a one-year extension of the Patriot Act used to combat terrorism.

But Obummer says: 

The United States is likely to average 95,000 more jobs each month this year, while personal savings will remain high as credit remains tight, according to a White House report released Thursday but that the unemployment rate will remain high.


The report also said that the unemployment rate may not come down much from the current level of 9.7 percent, and may even rise because of labor market growth and the return of more discouraged workers to the labor force.
 Guess that is because the jobs are going: 
 Green Stimulus Jobs Going to China? Jon Karl finds the stimulus is creating green jobs .... overseas 

What you want to bet Obummer counts these as part of his so called 95,000 per month.

Guess his TOTUS didn’t get the messages. Ya reckon?


GM Roper said...
Ticker, it is quite obvious that none of the yoyo's in the White House or at Blair House have ever had to make a payroll. How on earth can a company in the doldrums because of "low sales" (and it doesn't matter if it's goods or services) add staff? A tax break for hiring? OK... spend say 10,000 thousand to employ someone, 2 grand in benefits for an outlay of 12 grand when sales are down. Now, spending that kind of money earns you a tax break? Oh please... to make it do you hire 3 but let the 3 you have working for you go? Net new jobs would be ZERO... and there is absolutely no other way to make it work with a slow economy. Empty suits on them all!
Ticker said...
GM you nailed it! There is no way business can do new hires even with tax breaks. Not many jobs pay as little as $10K a year. Working at K mart or WalMart pays more than that plus benefits. I found all these headlines on Yahoo news today and put them together just to show that evidently the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing which of course comes as no surprise.
Anonymous said...
I'm glad I came by here to read this, because both of you just don't get it. Now, in keeping with his promises to the American people, Barack Obama hired 95,000 people each month for the first year of his administration. Of course, those 95,000 people per month were cronies he hired in the executive branch, all of them were felons are felons-in-waiting, but he did deliver on his promises. So anyway, what did you expect a communist to do? Serve America and the American people? Mustang out
Ticker said...
And of course Mustang those folks were not just new hires . They replaced someone who already was in the job. Net gain: ZERO
Chuck said...
There really is a simple explanation for all of this...he's lying. The complicated part is we don't what he's lying about.
Ticker said...
Of course we do Chuck it's JOBS in this instance but anything else that comes to his mind. But then he does all he can to discourage jobs by insisting on raising taxes on those who make a bit over $250K, the very folks who start and maintain small business which hires most of the people.
amit said...
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Always On Watch said...
The "man on the street" is not buying BHO's lies about job recovery.
Ticker said...
amit, if you have difficulty with this site then I suggest you leave and take your advertisement with you. I only allow ad's from those I know and trust. That is why I am deleting your post.
Debbie said...
I heard that extending the unemployment actually, according to economists, prolongs the jobless numbers, with people putting off getting a new job, moving for a new job, etc. until their benefits run out. Debbie Right Truth

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