Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cain, Mr. President, You're Wrong--It's Not His First Time

On Monday, the 26th I blogged on Cain in Herman Cain's Sudden Surge-- Reality or a Flash In The Pan.


I spoke  to the fact that Cain was a man not afraid of telling it like it is and went on to talk about his calling Obama a liar.


This is not the first time Cain has taken on a sitting President and told him he was wrong, i.e. lying.  He did it with Clinton some 17 or 18 years ago when Clinton was trying to sell Hillarycare.  Here is part of the story as written by David Weigel of the Slate:

Cain got a question in. He'd been a turnaround artist at Pillsbury, working with Burger King, and in 1986 he'd been put in command of the failing Godfather's Pizza franchise. He saved it with triage, closing 250 of around 800 restaurants, before leading an investor group that bought the franchise and put him in charge. By the time he met Clinton, he had been elected president of the National Restaurant Association. This explained some of his confidence as he lit into his president.

"On behalf of all of those business owners that are in a situation similar to mine," asked Cain, "my question is, quite simply, if I'm forced to do this what will I tell those people whose jobs I will have to eliminate?"

"Well, wait a minute," said Clinton, attempting a charm offensive. "Let's ask—let's talk a minute about what you would have to do." The employer mandate would add only 2 percent to Cain's costs, Clinton argued, and Cain could just charge more for pizza.
"I'm a satisfied customer, I'd keep buying from you."

"Mr. President," said Cain, "with all due respect, your calculation on what the impact would do, quite honestly, is incorrect."

Now, is it time for Cain to address Obama on his ObamaNOCare bill which is certainly going to come up before the Supreme Court prior to the 2012 elections? Continue on attacking his jobs bill?  His energy fiasco?

I am not so sure that Cain would be so "gentle " with Obama even though he has the tact to call a President a liar in so many words, smile and get away with it. 

What do you think?


GM Roper said...

I think Cain's strategy of attacking Obama and not other Republican candidates is the correct one. I'm beginning to like this dude more and more.

NanWills2 said...

I'm liking this "dude" more and more, too, GM. LOL He seems to be more about fixing the damage done to American than about battling his peers or being "Mr. Popular." Don't give me more empty rhetoric; give me solutions—a real plan.

Ticker said...

GM and Nan you both are right.
Cain is more interested in "fixing" things than pissing up a rope like Romney , Bachmann, Santorum and Perry seem to be doing.

Faultline USA said...

I agree with GM and Nan. His straight talking optimism is what we need and the Florida Straw Poll vote was not just a protest vote. It was for Cain!

Anonymous said...

I told a friend, about a week ago, that my choice was between Gingrich and Cain, that there was something I didn't like about Romney, and Perry was just a little ahead of Romney. The others have ripped their britches, as far as I am concerned, and that left Gingrich and Cain. If Gingrich doesn't make it, that leaves Cain, and I'd vote for him, or Gingrich, over all the others.

I'm impressed with Cain, and what he has to say. He seems to be straightforward and not hiding anything. I like honesty.

I like Gingrich for his intelligence, and his knowledge of America, and our History. Gingrich, also, isn't hiding anything. He's already been run through the wringer by the Democrats, and they did their dead level best to destroy him. He left office to avoid the Democrats destroying his family. I respect that.

Toss a coin. Heads Cain, tails Gingrich. To me, either one would make an ideal AMERICAN PREDIDENT.

Old Rose

Ticker said...

You are correct Fautline.

Unfortunately the LSM seems to downplay the Straw Poll and claim it was a protest poll.

Glad to see that others are not buying the media BS.

The sooner that the people see what the media is up too and stop allowing them to pick our candidates the better off this country will be.

Chuck said...

Only 2% of costs huh? Restaurants operate on about a 6-7% margin last I heard. 2% of costs is not "only".

Ticker said...

Certainly Chuck but then you don't think that a POTUS would lie about a little thing like cost in Healthcare now do you?

Newt is coming out with his plan this week from what I have read. Looks as if Cain is forcing the issue. When Romeny , Perry and Bachmann finish their little pissing match maybe one of them will come up with a common sense plan.

I can't support Newt with all this pandering to Pelosi. He is by far one of the most intelligent men runing. Cain is the other IMHO. The rest all they can seem to do is put out soundbites hoping that the uninformed and uneducated voters will fall for their line.

Debbie said...

I had not seen that exchange before, good for Cain. I like him more every day.

Right Truth

Z said...

Ticker, on my Obama/Bush post a few down my blog now, 'net observer', a 15 year long commenter friend of mine from FrontPage Magazine ...left quite a comment (start from the bottom up) about Cain and his father (my friend is Black): his dad hates the GOP but is starting to like Cain; very interesting, if you've got the time.

I liked Cain from the start then went off him after the first 2 debates because all he had was "we need to find the solutions" and it wasn't working for me until I HEARD a few of his solutions.
Other than following Chile's advice, I like him and a lot of what he says......
I think he's getting excellent handling and am eager to see where this all goes!

Imagine a debate with Cain and Obama? I fear that Obama would throw things at him which Cain couldn't know, not being pres. himself, and try to make him look uninformed (foreign affairs, etc), but it could be very interesting....Two Black men running for president. Good for America!