Thursday, September 29, 2011

Newt vs Cain--- Is Newt merely copying Cain?

Newt Gingrich is planning to unveil his plan for America and how to get the country out of the mess. It is scheduled later this week or maybe early next week.  After last weeks showing by Herman Cain where he had an opportunity to actually lay out a lot of his plan and his sudden surge one has to wonder if Newt is merely copying Cain.

In the last week, Gingrich has said his new contract will be an evolving document that will be formed by his ideas and those of voters. So it appears that Cain's no nonsense, common sense campaign has gotten the attention to at least one of the candidates.

Gingrich, in a recent event  said that he has been  asking voters to be "with him" and not just "for him."  Gingrich said that if people were just for him, then they would just vote for him, go home, and expect him to clean up the country's mess.  Instead, Gingrich asked the audience to be with him not just through November, but for eight years after that to help return power back to the citizen from czars and bureaucrats in a big government run amok.

In this Gingrich is a day late and a dollar short and is just taking up  the idea's that Herman Cain's as expressed all along.

He also talked about replacing the Environmental Protection Agency​ with something that works better.  Hmm I believe he got that from Herman Cain in the Florida  debate of last Thursday so lets move on.

He said that because liberals hate vouchers but love Pell Grants, he wanted to give Pell Grants for K-12, so that schools would have to pay attention to parents and not to the federal Department of Education.

Now that dog won't hunt Newt, but it makes for good sound bites. Herman Cain says we need to get the Feds out of Education and the Parents in.

Calling on his history background he made reference to Abraham Lincoln's comments after the Dred Scott decision, in which Lincoln said that it should not be possible for nine appointed people to dictate to all Americans. Based on that thought by Gingrich threatened to abolish the courts run by liberal activist judges.

Now that is another good sound bite but anyone who reads the Constitution knows that the POTUS can not abolish courts or Obama would have already done so.
Gingrich claims that his contract will be different from the 1994 contract because, after watching things like the stimulus bill and ObamaCare being passed in Congress, he decided the new contract would be more "directional" and out in the open, something that would allow for regular hearings before legislation is written "the old-fashioned way."

Yet another Herman Cain idea. Looks as if Cain is getting a lot of folks off center and into thinking a little bit.  It also raises the question of why all this "old fashion way" of doing things didn't happen when he was Speaker and the GOP controlled both houses?

According to Gingrich, Americans have "to believe in our system of representative government," which cannot happen if legislation is written by staffers prone to be influenced by lobbyists.

Well Newt, good luck in getting rid of lobbyist or staffers. There are laws that limit lobbyist  gift giving and they were on the books back when you and the Republicans had a new "Contract with American" so how come you didn't enforce them then?    Nice try Newt but yet just another sound bite that plays well with the uninformed.

Gingrich has attempted to differentiate himself from some of his contenders.  He jabbed Gov. Rick Perry's Texas DREAM Act, which gave instate tuition rates to illegal immigrants, by joking about how, if citizens want cheaper tuition, they should attempt to cross the border, come back, and declare themselves noncitizens.

Now if Newt had really wanted to be different he could have said, Well Gov Perry what works for your state is all well and good but most folks are not convinced that it is good for the entire country. He could  have also added that according the the Tenth Amendment States have the right to pass such laws, but not the Feds.  That would have been different and educational at the same time and might have stopped the peeing match on the subject between Bachmann, Santorum ,Romney and Perry.

He also praised the spirit of the FairTax, but said he would be leery of the federal government imposing a national sales tax and an income tax because it would give Congress two methods in which to further tax Americans.

Here I can agree because I see it in a similar manner. The Flat Tax with the loopholes closed is a much more fair tax. I can't agree with Cain on the VAT tax which is exactly what the last 9 in his plan is, a consumer tax that will further kill the housing market and other high end purchases such as automobiles who are already suffering.  He needs to take another look at his 999 plan before it becomes his 666 plan with the Left and that is exactly what they will do if he does not reconsider at least parts of the 999. The first 9 is ok in that it lowers Corporate taxes but If I were Newt and wanted to make a real difference, I would go a step further and take it to zero for those companies who return their plants to the US and then gradually increase it back to 9 % over time. I would also increase it to fifty percent on those who didn't comply and add a large import tax on their goods. Now that would get some attention. 

Gingrich also spoke about why America is exceptional.  He said he has been shaped by Gettysburg, Valley Forge, and the events leading up to the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Gingrich can talk about his being shaped by all the events above but Cain can say that America is exceptional with impunity because as a Black youth growing up in the south in the sixties and rising above all expectations  he has not only been shaped by such but has lived it. Now that is true American Exceptionalism.

So is Newt finally waking up or merely copying Cain?


Chuck said...

I think Gingrich is what we need him to be when we need him to be it. In other words, a fraud. I'm not a fan.

Ticker said...

Neither am I even though he is one of the most educated and brilliant minds of the lot. His knowledge of history makes him aware of what the future hold because as is said, History repeats itself.
His pandering to Pelosi did it for me. I could over look his indiscretions because they are personal and not political.

I am waiting to see what the others do this coming week. Will it be the same old pissing match or will they get serious. If they do the latter, Cain is going to eat their lunch, the same one he packed and delivered to them.