Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Music Time

Charley Pride - Let Me Live In The Light Of His Love  

 A little late in getting this post up but enjoy just the same. 

Charlie combines the country sound and the Black Gospel beat to this great gospel song.  


Z said...

wow, that sudden change in tempo is a little more than we're used to, but it's sure a terrific rendition of a very cool song, thanks for that!

By the way, I'm going to add a comment in my Sunday Faith Blog about your blog going more about faith and give your Blog address....I'm going to enjoy what you're doing..thanks. More people need to come by!

Fred Gregory said...

Real. Authentic. Awesome.


Ticker said...

Thank you Z. The more readers and comments the better. I have just sent you an e-mail telling you of why I am going in this direction.

Glad you liked Charlie. He indeed took the best of both worlds of music and combined them in this song. That is why I wanted to post it. Too many fail to understand that gospel music and country music share much of the same roots.

Fred Gregory said...

Oh and you all enjoy one of my favorites . I am sure yours also

He walks with me....

Ticker said...

Yes indeed Fred and Anne does a beautiful job on this old hymn of the faith.

sue hanes said...

Thanks Ticker - I Really enjoyed that - and I needed it - especially when it got upbeat.

sue hanes said...

Fred Gregory - Pretty Powerful Stuff - Really.

And you are right about it being
a Favorite.

but what was that scary thing at the end - Fred?