Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome Home


 Johnny Cash - Drive On

Dedicated to those were so forgotten for far too long.  Welcome Home, my Brothers and Sisters.


Z said...

DRIVE ON's one of my faves.
Mr.Z picked up a CD at a car wash once, of Willy and Johnny and it's one of our's got this one, FAMILY BIBLE, and a bunch of other GREAT STUFF...I think it might be a bootleg CD because it's them live with only guitars, no amps, etc....unbelievably intimate and wonderful, with a little chat here and there.
I've got a bright blue LP of Neil Young at the Music Center here in LA that's totally bootleg; he's singing (I love him) and people are coughing, etc. Fun to have.

thanks for this...great tune.

Thanks for the info about the change in your blog, too...when's it happen? I'm eager for it.

Ticker said...

First one was up yesterday. Got one comment. Next one will be up probably Saturday or perhaps as early as tomorrow. It will be addressing Faith. I choose to do these on days other than Sunday so that I will not be seen as attempting to copy your Faith Blog on Sunday in an attempt to draw away readers. I love your Faith Blog and visit it each Sunday. It is sorta my "church time" if you will.

BrendaBowers said...

:)! BB

Ticker said...

Thank you BB. Words unspoken speak volumes. And yes, this is in thanks to Lew and his service to this country.

Bubba said...

"Dedicated to those were so forgotten for far too long. Welcome Home, my Brothers and Sisters."

Indeed so!

Ticker said...

Thanks Bubba for taking time to comment.

sue hanes said...

I would like to say to Any and
All Vietnam Veterans:

Thank You For What You Did.

I Have Never Been To War - And I Never Want To Go There - But I Can Only Imagine How Horrible War Must

And that is why we must work together to prevent Travesties
like Vietnam from happening again -

sue hanes said...

Ticker - Change in your

What Change?

No one told me about it.

Are you doing this behind my back -

You know - so I can't Comment on it?

Cause if you are - I'm coming after you...


GM Roper said...

Ticker, that was great. Thanks for thinking of our Veterans.