Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sunday Music Time


 Friday's Post was about Prayer.  We  thought this appropriate as a follow-up. 

Maranatha Singers - Psalm 5. Words by : God. Scribed by: King David. Music by: Billy Sprouse, Jr.

This is how God wants us to talk to Him. Do we?


sue hanes said...

Yes - Ticker - I think we do.

Especially since we have you here to help us to remember.

Thanks Ticker.

for reminding me what I should already know - but sometimes I just forget

I mean - I'm just Human - aren't I.


Z said...

that's a gorgeous song and sentiment, Tick, I'd never heard of it.
Thanks so much....

GM Roper said...

Like Z, this was new to me. Thanks my friend, you always know the right thing to post on.

Ticker said...

Z and GM. so glad you liked the song. I had only heard it one time but didn't know it was on line. I went looking for a song for today and it was the first thing that showed up. God is good and will always provide for our needs.

GM send me your friends e mail if you don't mind. We had prayer for him today.

Had one of the best sermons I've heard in a long time and it is appropriate for each of us. Called, When Fear Comes Knocking! It was powerful. I may post parts of it later this week depending on how we are led.