Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sunday Music Time

Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me

No matter how many troubles one may have, no matter the troublesome times, no matter what kind of fear tries to over take  us we can withstand it all  Because He Lives.


sue hanes said...

I know it - Ticker.

You know I know it.

And you know it too - Ticker.

I know you know it.

You know I know you know it.

And I'm so glad that I know that Others know it even though they don't want us to know that they know - it.

Ya simply can't hide It - can you Ticker?

'pointing to sky'

Thanks - Ticker.

and thanks to the Gaither Band of a Really rousing rendidtion of such a Great Song.

Have a great Sunday - Ticker.

Z said...

MAN, that tallest male soloist? WHAT A PERFECTLY ASTONISHING VOICE HE HAS! That was a treat in and of itself this morning. HUGE voice, and he sings right, too...absolutely terrific singer.

great song....

I know it, too...and sometimes I don't and I hate those times.

Ticker said...

Z, his name is Guy Penrod and he indeed has a voice. His range has got to be three octaves at least for I have heard him at a low bass to one of the highest tenors around. The Lord indeed blessed him with a beautiful voice.

Sue, I am glad you know it, cause yes I know it too and there is not a doubt that I know it deep in my soul. When he lives within you know He LIVES. WOW what a joy!

sue hanes said...

Ticker - and I'm sure that you - and Others - will agree that the Real Joy comes from the very first
moment that You Know That You Know.

Know what i mean?