Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Passes and it Going To Cost You Big Time

The Votes: 

Bill passed  by 219 to 212. 34 Democrats voted NO. They are to be commended.

Vote on reconciliation:  Was passed by the Democrats 220-211. The bill is law as soon as it is passed.

Motion to suspend the rules was passed. It’s a done deal as soon as the gloating Obama signs the most unconstitutional piece of legislation passed since Social Security and Medicare.

Motion to recommit with instructions has failed by a vote of 197 Republicans to 226 Democrats.  The bill goes to the Senate without the amendment language is will be passed immediately and the travesty will become law upon Presidential signature. It does not even have to go back to the House under reconciliation.   Count on Monday for it to become law and the gloating to begin by this narcissistic president.

Tonight we are seeing on live TV, for those who are watching as I am, the beginning of the end of America as we have known it for nearly 300 years.  The vote in the House  on the Senate version of the Health Reform bill will come late tonight. Once it is passed, technically it could be taken to the Desk of the POTUS for signature. Yes, there are the so called reconciliation amendments that the House has added but regardless of what becomes of that the bill will become the law of the land as soon as the bill is signed. The republican members of the house are going to attempt to a re-commitment vote which would throw the entire bill along with the reconciliation back to the Senate who would have to pass the bill along with the amendments or any part of them and then send it back to the house. In the House all that would be required for passage a vote with absolutely no majority. VP Biden could cast the deciding vote and overrule the Parliamentarian should he object on grounds of parliamentary procedure being violated.  Regardless the bill will pass and place on the American people the greatest burden of taxes and government control ever known in this country. The bill when passed as law is totally unsustainable. In other words there is not enough money to pay for it and taxes can not be raised enough to cover the cost.
The people and Congress were told that cost would go down but that is not true. Earlier tonight I sent out an e-mail which explained what the truth is. For those who did not receive the e-mail since you may not be on my mailing list I will  reiterate what was in the e-mail only in briefer terms.

 Many individuals and families would experience changes in premiums that differed from the changes in average premiums in their insurance market. Some provisions would tend to increase the premiums paid by healthier enrollees relative to those paid by less healthy enrollees or would tend to increase the premiums paid by younger enrollees relative to those paid by older enrollees

CBO and JCT estimate that the average premium per person covered (including dependents) for those who do not have group policies would be about 10 -13 percent higher in 2016 (long after Obama and most of those who have voted for this bill are gone from Congress ) than the average premium for non-group coverage in that same year under current law. Of course those who receive subsidies will pay less but then there is a big IF included in this estimate. Should many companies drop their coverage of employees due to the tax, which is not to be considered a tax according to the bill then there will be no money for subsidies since in effect a large group of people who were not counted on being part of the package plan would suddenly be thrown into the mix. There would be no money to subsidies their premiums. The only recourse is to either raise taxes or take the money from somewhere else such as Medicare which will already have lost a huge sum of dollars(no one really knows at this point just how much will be taken to offset  cost of the overall bill and create an artificial reduction of cost and the debit.    
The difference in unsubsidized premiums is the net effect of three changes: 

 ]Average premiums would be 27-30 percent higher because a greater amount of coverage would be obtained. In particular, the average insurance policy in this market would cover a substantially larger share of enrollees’ cost for health care and a slightly wider range of benefits. Those expansions would reflect both the minmum level of coverage(and related requirements) specified in the proposal and people’s decision to purchase more extensive coverage in response to the structure of subsidies.

There would be on the average premiums a 7 to 10 percent lower cost  that insurers incurred to deliver the same amount of insurance coverage group of enrollees. Most of that net reduction would stem from the changes in the rules governing the non-group market. (in other words forced purchasing of insurance and or fines if insurance is not purchased)

Average premiums would be 7 to 10 percent lower because of a shift in the types of people obtaining coverage. Most of that change would stem from an influx of enrollees with below-average spending for health care who would purchase coverage because of the new subsidies to be provided and the individual mandate(forced purchasing) to be imposed. Again that is an IF. If there is money to continue subsidies.

Average premiums per policy in the non-group market in 2016 (two years after the bill actually goes into affect) would roughly be $5800 for single policies and $15, 200 for family policies under the proposal, compared with roughly $5500 for single policies and $13, 100 for family policies under current law.

The Democrats claimed that large groups would see a cut in cost according to the estimates of the CBO. Unfortunately the CBO could not take into consideration the cost (fee) that would be imposed on large corporations for each employee and dependent covered. Even just taking in the number of employees the cost will be significant to those corporations who because of the cost will stop hiring except to perhaps to replace certain key employees.

Wal-Mart employees 1.2 million; Caterpillar has nearly 95, 000 employees and that is down by nearly 18,000 just since last year. Just think what adding millions of dollars of fees to their cost of doing business will do to them.

Look for more unemployeement rather than the lie that has been told by Obama and the Democrats that this bill would add jobs. Oh yes it will add jobs but to the federal government. Four new agencies will be formed out of this bill to oversee it which will require hundreds of thousand of new employees just to shuffle paper. That does not include the new 16000  Internal Revenue Agents who will insure that you are in compliance with the orders to buy insurance.   

There goes another chunk of your freedom, but then that was not mentioned by Obama or the Democrats. To Obama it was to insure a win for him no matter what the American People wanted. He stated in his talk just moments ago that this bill was By the People and for the People. He forgot that 56% of the people didn’t want this bill as written and that 70% wanted it chunked and started over. So much for By the People and for the People. It’s all about The ONE.

That will not and is not the end of increased cost that were not spoken of before passage. To pay for the changes, the legislation includes more than $400 billion in higher taxes over a decade, roughly half of it from a new Medicare payroll tax on individuals with incomes over $200,000 and couples over $250,000. A new excise tax on high-cost insurance policies was significantly scaled back in deference to complaints from organized labor. In other words Unions get a break, you don’t
In addition, the bills cut more than $500 billion from planned payments to hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and other provider that treat Medicare patients. An estimated $200 billion would reduce planned subsidies to insurances companies that offer a private alternative to traditional Medicare.  

 In case you are now on  Medicare or soon will be you will see a cut in services, a lack of doctors who will see you and that is  inaddition to the 15million who will be added to the Medicare rolls by virtue of passage of this bill. So count on waiting longer and getting less and oh you will be paying more no matter what the bill says about those making $200, 000 or more. 

Medicare is not sustainable just with the number of people who are currently on the program and will be coming into the program with out the additional millions who will be added. Your premiums will go up plus you will not have your Advantage programs to supplement payments to doctors. If you do you will have a fee added to your premiums and the insurance company will also pay an additional tax, but it is not to be called a tax. Insurance companies will drop those plans like hot potatoes. You will pay more just because of this bill.  Obama said you would not and the Democrats said you would save money. Guess someone lied

So there you have the truth. Rates will go up and it appears that 219 House members were either duped or didn’t care about the American people who elected them. We have seen the destruction of the American Constitution tonight.

I also report that a useless Executive Order was submitted on the abortion segment of the bill and it supposedly deleted such language from the bill. That along with $700,000 for small airports in Stupak’s region assured his vote. Of course an Executive Order Order is not worth the paper it is written on since it has no effect on the language of the bill once it becomes law. So Stupak got duped or sold out which is more likely.

 Unfortunately this is not the last bill which will be brought before the Congress that will have a total destructive action on this country. There will be the Cap and Trade or better known as Crap and Tax which will further drive businesses out of business. The Health bill will be a start and we will see the disappearance of jobs because small business will fold since they will not or can not pay for coverage of employees. Crap and Tax will further drive companies out of the country or they will close because of the oppressive tax that will be imposed on them and the cost of power to keep the lights on.

Immigration Reform is actually the next travesty that will hit the American People since Obama has guaranteed that it will be a reality by the end of the year. ( he did so in his speech tonight to a large crowd on the National Mall of immigrants, illegal and legal which was shown on huge screens set up there for his speech)

I also would remind you of a bill that has been languishing somewhere in the Senate hopper, one which was written by Obama when he was a Senator. It is called the Global Poverty Bill. In essence it will subjugate this nation to the control of the UN by proxy and add billions to the already maxed out debt limit.

 We are in trouble and we are in even more trouble folks unless the conservatives and those who know and understand the Constitution re-take this country in 2010 and 2012.

Pray for our Country. 


Chuck said...

I heard a news report that he was not going to make signing the bill a big public splash, interesting.

As far as the Senate, I think the House members are screwed. I think you are seeing the final bill.

My prediction, for what it's worth:

-Obama signs this bill

-the Senate takes up the measure

-the GOP fights reconciliation in the Senate (there appear to be significant roadblocks they can throw up)

-the Dems in the Senate throw up their hands and say "we tried" and give up

-the current Senate bill remains law

-the House Dems get to go home in November and explain their vote on a very unpopular Senate bill.

I will go even further and suspect that =Obama, Pelosi, and Reid went into it knowing that this very well could be the outcome. None of the idiots in the House that voted for this noticed that no one in the Senate was making any promises about reconciliation.

Ticker said...

There will be no fight over reconciliation . Look at the vote. It's a done deal and yes, Pelosi knew the deal from the git-go as did the other useful idiot. The House will bear the blame and rightfully so. They could have stopped it. Stupak is not stupid, just greedy and a sell out. Executive Orders, as he well knows can not change the language of the bill once passed. The abortion funding is still there and he knows it but he can say he was not aware and that he tried. BS. He will go down in November with any luck.

Anonymous said...

From The Corner @ NR

"Congratulations, Democrats. Beginning now, you own the health-care system in America. Every hiccup. Every complaint. Every long line. All yours."

Fred G.

Ticker said...

Yes but Fred they will attempt to say it was a bipartisan effort just as Pelosi did last night in her rant and brag. She said and so did Obama that the bill contained over 200 ideas from the Republicans.While that may be true it was the remainder of the junk that was included that the people were against as were the Republicans and 34 Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Insurance rates have been going up for years and years; and they will continue to rise with, or without, the health care bill. The millions of dollars distributed by both insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists will be reimbursed by increased costs of health care policies and denied claims.
The President is not gloating. If anything, he is shaking his head over Congressional in-fighting (a tradition not soon to go away) and hysteria from the lunatic fringe. As for the "end of America as we have known it for nearly 300 years." Which cave have you been living in? Our country is a long way from becoming what the founders envisioned. Our educational system gets worse every day, poverty was already at an all-time high before the recession hit, and corruption in all levels of leadership continues to burgeon and circumvent all standards of ethical responsibility.
Please tell me what has been so wonderful about the past 300 years of America? Which war did you like best? Which industry reaped the greatest profit from war-related production? Why does China hold more U.S. Treasury Bonds than any American investor? Would you like electricity in your cave, or are you struggling with solar energy to lighten the space between your ears?

Widow Jones said...

What was so wonderful about the past 300 years of America? Tell me how the beginning of healthcare reform destroys everything that was America since 1710. I follow none of your rationale, if it can be called that.

Maggie Thornton said...

I am literally praying that the legislation ends up in front of SCOTUS quickly. Someone must help us spare our country.

Ticker said...

Widow Jones, if you do not know and understand what was so wonderful about this country for the last 300 years your are beyond any help.

You have evidently no concept of the US Constitution or you would immediately see and understand that this so called health reform bill is not about reform but about control. You certainly have not read nor do you have any clue as to what the bill contains. I have read and I do comprehend and DO understand what has been written in both versions of this fiasco and KNOW and UNDERSTAND what the bill which passed does. It dang sure ain't what you may think. It's control, pure and simple.


No of course not and if you did you would give him a pass and believe his lame excuse that "he was tired." Barnyard Bovine Excrement! The fool told the truth!

Welcome aboard Widow, to a place where you will receive an education and learn the truth.

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Ticker said...

Did you ever note that folks like Widow Jones , when confronted with facts just seem to disappear into the woodwork until the next time and they can find a comment on MoveOn.idiot or from Spittle lips Oblerman to repeat.