Monday, March 15, 2010

The Pantocrator?

The New York Times article As Health Vote Awaits, Future of a Presidency Waits, Too was accompanied by a photograph of a backlit cross, over which the shadow of Obama is enveloped in a halo of light in the shape of a holy rood.  Obama's raised index finger reminiscent of Jesus instructing the masses at the Sermon on the Mount-master teacher, pantocrator( Ruler of All ) for those not familiar with the word) Obama educates America about the righteousness of social vision.   The only missing component is an audio link to the Hallelujah Chorus.

Picture is as appeared in the NY Times.
Description provided by Jeannie DeAngelis via American Thinker.


Maggie Thornton said...

This is a very natural, fabricated environment for Obama - looks like smoke and mirrors. He is very comfortable in that setting.

Ticker said...

Yep Maggie I felt the same way. Reminds me of the Greek Temple he used as a prop. Now the Cross. Sign of a true narcissist.

Widow Jones said...

First, who Photoshopped this fantasy? Second, the hand is the sign of teaching. Third, we do not live under the cross in America. Fourth, we've got to start somewhere on this health care situation. Anyone been keeping up with what the drug companies are doing.......and the insurance companies??? The KKK looks good in comparison.

Bubba said...

"First, who Photoshopped this fantasy?"

The New York Times, who published the piece.

When did you notice your husband was dead, Widow?

Anonymous said...

Dear Widow …

Do some additional research. Drug companies are charging Americans through the roof for prescription medications because the United States Government obligated them to charge American consumers more so that these same companies provide savings to consumers in third world nations at a third of the cost. I first became aware of this when I lived in Texas. My wife and I used to go across the border, where we could purchase prescription medications at a fraction of the cost charged by pharmacies 100 yards from the border. I asked, “How is this possible?”

It is part of a world trade agreement, that’s how. It is part of the globalized socialism that Obama and others, including Republicans, are stuffing down our throats. We pay out the ass for drugs needed to sustain life for no other reason than “we can afford it,” so that people in other countries can pay much less. Where is the justice in that? More to the point, how can the American people stand quietly aside while the US government shoves this stuff up one or more of our orifices?

And this has NOTHING to do with insurance companies. Apparently, you’ve swallowed Hairy Reid’s talking points … so I will suggest that YOU are the problem, or an indication of it.

Semper Fidelis,

Leslie said...

Starting somewhere on the health care situation does not mean accepting inappropriate measures to destroy the actual health care system and tax Americans to death. It does not mean we accept any and all scrap that comes down the toilet of Congress.

The big lie floating around (and apparently accepted by a certain commenter here)is this:

To quote the brilliance of the Dems: "We can't not do anything."

When the American people really are saying, "Doing nothing is better than this trash of legislation."

Libs, socialists and people fo this mush need to wake up and start using the little grey cells in their heads. If you don't have many, borrow some...

Ticker said...

Did you get your answers Widow Jones?

This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles as you would know if you had even bothered to read and understand the writings of the founders of this nation. Of course you probably didn't learn any of that in school especially if you went to gumbermint skuuls in the past 20 years.
I suggest you do some research as well on insurance companies and compare their profits with even Wal-Mart. Of course ignorance is the model for those who make comments without facts to back them up.
Your messiah is not a teacher. He does little other than shake his finger in the face of Americans to tell them that HE KNOWS BEST but fails to say best for who. Dang sure not We The People who oppose his direction for this country.
71% believe the nation is heading down the wrong track, the highest level of pessimism measured in 14 months according to not only the Rasmussen Poll but even the Dems own poll. Folks are not happy with your messiah Widow so suck it up and stop drinking the kool-aide from the fountain of Obummer.

Come again Widow Jones when your have some real facts to back your statements.

Ticker said...

"Apparently, you’ve swallowed Hairy Reid’s talking points … so I will suggest that YOU are the problem, or an indication of it."

Well said Mustang.

"The New York Times, who published the piece."
Correct Bubba but evidently the Widow doesn't even believe the libs bible commentary (NYT) and she certainly did not research before spouting off.

Libs, socialists and people fo this mush need to wake up and start using the little gray cells in their heads. If you don't have many, borrow some..."

Haaha Leslie, but from where or who? Certainly there are not enough gray cells in the Libs community to even borrow from.