Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's All About Control

I and other bloggers  have been writing all along that this so called Health Reform bill was nothing more than about control and now the truth has  been spoken and brazenly spoken.


Finally the truth has come out. Dingell has said what many of us have been saying not only about this bill but about this entire administration.  Of course Dingell has attempted to claim fatigue for his statement but the truth was spoken and there is no way that he can water down the horrendous facts contained in his statement. 

Dingell was elected in a special election upon the death of his father in 1955 to take the office held by his father from 1933 to 1955.
April 2006 Dingell along with fellow Democrat from Michigan brought an action against George W. Bush and others alleging violations of the Constitution in the passing of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. The case (Conyers v. Bush)) was ultimately dismissed. I find it amazing that he now considers the Reconciliation Act the way to proceed with a bill as unconstitutional as the Health Reform Bill.  According to  Newsweek , he wants to investigate the  Buch Administration’s handling of port security, the Medicare prescription drug program and  Dick Cheney’s energy task force. Once again it is amazing how he picks and chooses what he supports. He was against Medicare prescription drug program but is for another program that includes more of the same for the program that he opposed. However I must say that this is typical of progressive Democrats and typical of their way or the highway.
 Dingell is generally classified as a liberal Democrat, and throughout his career he has been a leading congressional supporter of organized labor, social welfare, measures and traditional progressive (another name for socialist) policies. He is an old-fashioned social Democrat who knows that most voters don't agree with his goals of a single-payer national health insurance plan but presses forward toward that goal as far as he can.

'It's hard to believe that there was once no Social Security orMedicare', he says. 'The Dingell family helped change that. My father worked on Social Security and for national health insurance, and I sat in the chair and presided over the House as Medicare passed (in 1965). I went with Lyndon Johnson for the signing of Medicare at the  Harry S. Truman Library, and I have successfully fought efforts to privatize Social Security and Medicare'. Whether you agree or disagree, the social democratic tradition is one of the great traditions in our history, and John Dingell has fought for it for a very long time." 

Amazingly Dingle would seek to destroy the very Medicare that he so passionately supported in 1965. Surely he does not believe that taking $5 billion out of Medicare while increasing the number of people within the program by millions will somehow maintain the program.  Savings from the Medicare cuts will be invested in government IOUs, like any other trust fund surplus. The special Treasury securities count as an asset on Medicare's books — making the program's precarious financial situation seems more reassuring. But the government will spend the actual money. And when time comes for Medicare to redeem the IOUs, lawmakers will have to scramble to come up with the cash.   The Congressional Budget Office said, "so they cannot be set aside to pay for future Medicare spending and, at the same time, pay for current spending ... on other programs."  And to think Dingell supports such! Amazing, simply amazing how totally ignorant Dingell, and  I include other Democrats, can be after serving for so long in the government and as  supposedly representatives of the people.

Dingell is only one of the many Democrats and in some ways I hate to use that label for there was a time that Democrats were just as much defenders of the Constitution as Republicans.  I suppose a better name would be Social Democrat, Progressive Democrat, those who embrace the socialist ideology, which would destroy this nation, more than democratic ideology, which seeks to maintain this nation as the best and the most free nation in the world.  

But then there is nothing like control is there!


Anonymous said...

John Conyers Constitutional expert cites the " Good and Welfare" clause of the Constitution. He failed to mention the Santa Claus clause.

Dumocrat Speak

Fred G.

GM Roper said...

Ticker, considering how many congress critters are attorneys you'd think they'd be "more educated" However, I'm convinced that this really shows the holes in that. Stupid attorneys run for congress (and get elected).

Chuck said...

We're proud that we have this dingbat and John Conyers representing us here in Michigan. As a bonus, we have Conyer's felonious wife Monica here too (although she is currently incarcerated)

Anonymous said...

This is all about power. These people are mostly lawyers, of course; they make their living using words. Empowerment is a word that minorities love, but it actually means enslavement to the will of the state. The GOVERNMENT empowers. Whatever the government giveth, the government can taketh away.

Actually, our Constitution empowers us, but that isn’t enough … is it? It isn’t enough if we have to invent circumstances that allow us to subjugate the Constitution to our own petty biases.

The Department of Education is a usurpation of state sovereignty, but clever politicians found a way around that. They waived money in the face of state governors and legislators; politicians being whores, the ruse worked and states gleefully gave up their independence. Consequently, America has the dumbest high school graduates of any place on the entire planet.

Now we have socialized medicine. It isn’t about health care, because the so-called health care crisis was a manufactured (Alinsky) ruse (that worked). You are exactly correct, Ticker … this was all about power and it has provided John Dingell with employment for the past 55-years.

Mustang Sends

Ticker said...

Chuck, I feel for you.

Fred, shows how little the fool knows but then most LIBTARDS use that same quote, totally out of context.

GM, absolutely correct.

Mustang, you nailed it. Whores, the whole mess of em. But then that gives Whores a bad name. At least they provide a service for you buck.

Maggie Thornton said...

Who would have thought we would hear something like this admitted, or Rangel's comment about Socialism? They are laying it on the table for us - and as Obama said, "bring it on." I can't wait for November.

Ticker, are you hearing much about this Hutaree Christian militia?

Ticker said...

Maggie, a group of kooks, no where near as dangerous as Korash in Waco. The writer in the piece I read didn't even have a clue as to what "long guns" are but threw it in because it made it sound like big bad guns. A long gun is typically a muzzle loaded , black powder, type rifle or shotgun. Hardly the type one would use in an uprising. Lots of folks shot this type of weapon for sport and some actually hunt with them but they are far from assault type weapons. Of course it was an opportunity to further incite the anti-gun groups. I don't think they have found any "bomb" making equipment.
Sounds like a load of BS to me.