Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has Sprung but it's Snowing

It’s the first day of spring and in Texas it’s SNOWING.  Yep, I said snowing. It has been snowing steadily for about 4 hours or more tonight and the ground is white and cars are covered.  There is not much accumulation on the streets or sidewalks as they are warm from the several days of 60 plus weather we had earlier in the week.  It also rained for much of the morning which is a reason for the limited accumulation on the grassy areas. 

Who would have thought snow on March 20th but then again I remembered, it’s not Easter yet and the weather can do anything and everything,  before and at Easter.  My grandmother use to say never expect real spring weather until after Easter and she was proven correct more times than not.
Not to worry however for Monday will see temps in the 60’s once again and rising as the week progresses.  By Tuesday and Wednesday we can expect mid 70’s. But folks I ain’t holding my breath or making bets that the weather is going to continue to be warm. Easter is not until April 4th and in that time anything can happen and often does even if you are not in Texas where the saying is, if you don’t like the weather, stick around a while, it’ll change.  How true, how true.
So that’s the news from North Texas. What’s new and what’s news in your neck of the woods.



Anonymous said...

70 degees and the BS is in the breeze .

Fred G.

Ticker said...

No BS in the breeze here Fred, just freeze... and snow. Hahah.

Erin said...

There is ALWAYS BS in the air here, as I live in NC. While on the topic of BS, a little known fact...there is a county in western NC that is synonymous for BS. it was named after Mayor Buncombe who was known for running his mouth and saying nothing all at the same time. Seems politicians haven't changed much over the last century.
Anyway, no snow here...don't even think it! We enjoyed 75 degree weather here yesterday (in the Piedmont) and are keeping our fingers crossed that it holds. I am feeling about the snow the way I recall feeling about several boyfriends from my youth...sure is pretty, but I am so tired of you being around.
Love you Daddy!

GM Roper said...

Deep South Texas was a chilly 53 last night when I went outside. It is usually much warmer down here in "Tropical Texas."

Ticker said...

Count on Erin to bring some humorous history to the table. For those who may not know, she's my baby girl. Welcome aboard, Baby Girl!

Yea, GM go ahead and rub it in. Just remember though, it ain't Easter yet so don't get too comfortable in your tropical paradise.

Anonymous said...

Keep all that snow there, Ticker. We in NC have had our share and more this year...LOL!!

I have to say that yesterday was perfect with sunny skies and temps in the 70's here for the foothills.

Lanner :-))

Ticker said...

Don't rub it in Lanner or I'll be sure to send the snow your way. I know you'd love it now wouldn't you.

Anonymous said...

1836 was a very cold year in South Texas ... The Mexican army marched northward through deep snow, many of the infantry doing so in bare feet. The defenders of the Alamo were freezing ... and Col. Fanin never showed up.

Semper Fi

Ticker said...

Awww Mustang, now you know that in the movie Davy Crockett there was not any snow. In fact they were sweating. Ya reckon history got it wrong and the movie was right. Can't go messing with what a lil boy saw at the movies now can ya. You'll spoil it all for him. Hahaha.