Friday, March 25, 2011

And The Beat (ing) Goes On Part 5

Meanwhile , on VACATION in Rio, while Japan and Libya are in crisis, the "Vacationer in Chief" enjoys his snow cone! And the Beat(ing) Goes On, higher gasoline prices, Disaster in Japan and a Civil War in Libya.  "I don't give a darn...Michelle order another round of snow cones!"

Consistent with his socialist, we-are-all-one agenda, Barack Obama used a non-unanimous 10-vote nod from the United Nations Security Council to justify commencing hostilities against Libya, bypassing Congress, the Constitution, the will of the American public and a couple hundred years' worth of precedents. Since none of these have mattered in the past, why should they now? After all, in the mind of Obama -- or "Our Son, His Excellency" as his erstwhile pal Moammar Gadhafi called him recently -- UN authority supersedes U.S. constitutional authority and sovereignty.
 While the president has both the authority and duty to use force in protection of the United States from an actual or imminent attack, that is the extent of his unilateral authority. Congress alone has the authority to approve the use of military force in all other circumstances as it did in the wake of 9/11. In the case of both Afghanistan and Iraq, President George W. Bush specifically approached Congress, asked for and was granted a resolution authorizing the use of military force. His successor -- not so much.  (Full Article can be found here at the Patriot Post )



Brenda Bowers said...

This move is soooo stupid! Does Glenn Beck have the right take on it? Why Lybia? why not some of the others who are all killing their own people? WHY get us involved at all? We need to get out of every country in the world where we have troops and we definitely must stop trying to buy friends. I think if the Tea Party prevails again in 2012 the world will see a real change in how Americans view them and how Americans act towards them. The very best came to America from the old country; the toughest the most inventive the ones longing to be their own masters came to America and it is time our government remember that fact. America certainly never needed the rest of the world but the rest of the world needed us. I do believe the new Congressmen and women see this and will make changes. That is if we last that long. BB

Fred said...

Be there, BB. April 15 (5:30-8:00) for a Tea Party

Bring canned goods for Urban Ministry

Fred G.

Ticker said...

Totally agree BB. Leave Libya alone. I was there when we evacuated US Personnel from that POS of country.
The new Congress folks are trying to tell it like it is but the jackasses like Bonehead and others of the GOP are not listening. They listening to nothing and say well we can make a difference in 2012 when we have the WH etc. Well it ain't going to happen with these Jackasses in control. All they are doing is guaranteeing Odumber another 4 years to destroy this country TOTALLY. Time to clear out of all BS wars and let the idiots kill themselves off. If they get brave enough to attack us again, then nuke the bastards into a sheet of glass and build a WalMart with one big parking lot.

Z said...

The whole thing STINKS....
All Obama cares about is COVER YOUR A**......he does things that make him look good to his base.
I still think it's nuts to think THESE people deserved liberation from their dictator when Obama and Biden were calling for IMPEACHMENT of Bush when he felt the Iraqis should be liberated...what hypocrisy.

Ticker, who would you like to see run for the Conservatives? All I see is disarray and confusion on the Right, and that is NOT going to win 2012

Z said...

By the way...I wonder how many liberal events have "bring canned goods for Urban Ministry" attached to the invites! ANY?
Fred, that's really nice.

Ticker said...

Z how about Cain and Bachmann. That would drive the libtards nuts. Both have excellent credentials as well.

Always On Watch said...

No American President has even been this disconnected from what should matter most -- the national security of America.

And his party animal mentality! I'm beyond worn out with it.

The day that he leaves office, I'm going to hold a party of my own.

Sam Huntington said...

Regarding Obama's speech last night, I thought the commercials were good.

Ticker said...

Better than his "manure shoveling" Sam. Now we truly understand "shovel ready". Shovel us BS and tell us it's "cookies and cream dough ice cream, homemade of course.