Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And The Beat (ing) Goes On Part 6



Most thinking individuals know what Barack Obama meant when he kept talking about “shovel ready” projects.  It certainly was not to boost our the economy and create jobs.  Nope.  By shovel ready, Obama meant unloading a pile of manure into our faces while telling us it’s cookie dough ice cream, of the homemade variety.

His speech on Libya said it well and explained it so clearly that all should be astounded. Now that "the Idiot in Chief" has made it clear we will hear little from the LSM on Libya or the US role.

Cartoons: Hat tip to Patriot Post Humor.


Faultline USA said...

We are being played for fools and Oblahblah is full of it.

GM Roper said...

To steal and mangle a phrase from a REAL LEADER, Winston Churchill: "Never in the history of American Elections were so many fooled by so few to elect Won.

How could America have fallen for this fool?

Z said...

He gave US a beat(ing) in his speech...did you catch it? He always does...he always includes some slam about those who disagree with him.
Other presidents have just said their peace and DEALT with dissension, not this thin skinned jerk.

Ticker said...

Z, that is so typical of those with NPD, and he sure has it.

Fools fall for anything GM and we have become a nation of fools. We have taken the only real hope this nation has and cast Him aside.

Fautline, and know you know the reason if you already didn't.