Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Music Time

WHISPERING HOPE by Jim Reeves ( James Travis Reeves-August 20, 1923 – July 31, 1964)

If in the dusk of the twilight, 
 Dim be the region afar. 
 Will not the deepening darkness, 
 Brighten the shimmering star? 
 Then when the night is upon us, 
 Why should the heart sink away? 
 When the dark night is over, 
 Watch for the breaking of day. 
News of the illness of a dear friend and classmate's husband brought this song to mind as well as these passages of Scripture.

May they bring comfort to her and her husband and to those who's hope has been diminished . Just remember--
When the dark night is over, Watch for the breaking of day.

Psalm 31:24
Be of good courage,And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who hope in the LORD.

Psalm 130:5
I wait for the LORD, my soul waits,And in His word I do hope.

Romans 8:25
But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance.


GM Roper said...

Thanks Ticker, I remember when Jim Reeves died a couple of months after HS graduation. The radio I listened to in Washington DC played his music for a good 48 hours. Including Whispering Hope. And Hope is something we should never give up on. I've had to learn that lesson a couple of times in my life it seems.

Sue said...

These comforting words and Gentleman Jim's soothing voice were certainly needed in my life right now. Thank you so much for posting this and reminding me no matter how dark it seems, the dawn will eventually come.

God bless!

Debbie said...

That's always been one of my favorite hymns. No telling how many times I have played it on the piano or organ in church.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

GM I knew this would have special meaning to you as it does to my friends husband as well as me. We can never give up hope or perhaps substitute the word FAITH . I have not and continue to stand on that faith.

Sue, Thank you for your kind words. Yes, the dawn does come, here or beyond. I give praise and glory that mine came here.

Deb, it is a wonderful story. Keep playing it over and over. I didn't know that you played the keyboard.