Monday, March 14, 2011

And The Beat (ing) Goes On!

 Who is getting a Beating?  We The People are folks in case you haven't noticed-- by the same folks who are in leadership,(supposedly) the ones that got elected by us to cut spending(supposedly) are "screwing up", standing around and allowing us to take the beating while they make excuses.  After you have read this article and if you can tell me that we are not taking a beating , please advise as to what planet you are living on and make arrangements for me to move there cause I've taken about all the beating I can handle. 

"In Washington, D.C., America is witnessing one of the grossest spectacles of fiscal incompetence, coupled with denial, ever perpetrated by a political party. And that's the Republicans. Democrats have made it clear that they will accept nothing less than the destruction of the republic, if that's what it take to prove progressivism is 'successful.'
Over the top? Consider this: the highest cut in the federal budget proposed by the Irresponsible Republicans (Bonehead and Can’tor to name two who made such brilliant claims on cutting spending JUST TO GET ELECTED) is $61 billion. The Democrat Destroyers say such a cut is way over the top.
Last month, in 28 days, our government spent $223 billion of money we don't have. That's nearly four times more than the cuts proposed by the Irresponsible’s, every one of which will be fought tooth and nail by the Destroyers.

Any questions? (And if you don’t you need to or are just plain brain dead) I have one. At what point does this eyes-wide-open effort to bankrupt America reach the boiling point with the American public?

If someone came into your house and 'borrowed' a little over seven hundred bucks -- per family member -- I bet most Americans would be pretty upset.(Actually a better word would be ROBBED for that is what it is) Well try dividing $233 billion in borrowed money by 300 million Americans, and guess what: that's precisely what the Obama administration added to every citizen's share of the debt -- in one month."

And the beat goes on, and on and on!


Thanks to--columnist Arnold Ahlert  via the Patriot Post


Brenda Bowers said...

We the People are listening by my blog and email Dallas but our elected elite certainly are not. I don't know what will wake them up either. Some of the Republican governors are standing up and being counted. The problem is can our country survive until January 2013 when we may be able to get a real
American installed in the WH and a bunch more to the Congress? BB

Z said...

Gad, that's a sobering post, to say the least.

Brenda's right about Republican governors, and we always have Bachmann fighting away for the country...I wish Palin hadn't completely turned me off, but she REALLY HAS.
Ryan's fighting but can't get a foothold, it seems.

The beat will go on until we get kids involved in understanding this country and understanding entitlements are ruinous......I don't believe that can happen now, too late.

Suzy Sunshine :-)

Chuck said...

If someone came into your house and 'borrowed' a little over seven hundred bucks -- per family member -- I bet most Americans would be pretty upset.

This brings up an interesting thought.

Let's change our tax laws so that no money is taken out of our checks, we don't pay extra at the cash register, tax is lopped off of the price of gas.

Instead, make everyone mail a check in every year to the various governments.

Think people will get out and vote then? Think any of them would ever vote for a Democrat again? What about some of the "Republicans" they keep voting in?

Always On Watch said...

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is blocking transparency:

Two years into its pledge to improve government transparency, the Obama administration took action on fewer requests for federal records from citizens, journalists, companies and others last year even as significantly more people asked for information. The administration disclosed at least some of what people wanted at about the same rate as the previous year.

People requested information 544,360 times last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act from the 35 largest agencies, up nearly 41,000 more than the previous year, according to an analysis by The Associated Press of new federal data. But the government responded to nearly 12,400 fewer requests.

Ticker said...

Absolutely BB and like you I am not sure that we can survive until 2013.

Z good someone is listening and it has hit em in between the eyes. Kid's aren't going to get involved unless PARENTS TEACH them, and I ain't seeing it. Only ones teaching are the "entitlement" bunch and the teach by sorry example.

That would be a nice thought Chuck but as long as we have politicians who vote themselves pay raises and pay for their pet projects out of OUR POCKETS it ain't happening.

AOW, I am one of the 12,400 who has attempted to get information out of the so-called TRANSPARENT WH. Been trying since Nappy got appointed to DHS. Six and going on seven and not a peep! Have a partner in the effort and they have attempted twice what I have. So much for TRANSPARENCY from the BS ADMINISTRATION!!

James said...
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Ducky's here said...

Unless they talk about cutting Medicare and defense, this is just a dog and pony show for Rollo.

The British empire maintained supremacy by having a military budget equal to the two next strongest powers combined. Why wouldn't that work for us. (Hint: It's such a large part of our GDP and exports that we can't retool).

Ticker said...

Ducky,you evidently don't keep up with what the folks in the Tea Party organization and those who are standing firm on "why and how they got elected" are saying.

Defense spending is not sacred and neither is Medicare.

The waste in the Defense budget is beyond reason , thanks to UNIONS and POLS who owe their existence to them.

Medicare has got to be cut and should not have even been created in the first place as it is also Unconstitutional. The sooner we look at Australia's form of the unconstitutional ponzi scheme called SS and Medicare the better. IT'S CALLED PRIVATIZATION, at least for the most part and works well according the the many friends that I have living there. It is not perfect but it beats the heck out of the BROKEN Ponzi scheme wehave here.

Stick around Duck you might learn something. You'll love tomorrows post as a follow up on this subject. You see, I am one who kicks butt and doesn't bother taking names regardless of party.

Ducky's here said...

Medicare is unconstitutional, how so?

Anyway,they may say that defense is "on the table" but you and I know that it won't happen.

Ticker said...

Show me in the Constitution where anything like medicare is mentioned as one of the duties of the government that can be funded by the government. You can't so it's unconstitutional. SS was given a pass because FDR(1937) threatened to push to give him the right to pack the court by placing new justices on the SC bench thus giving him control of the court which had ruled that much of what he presented was unconstitutional. SS in another form was declared so and he wanted SS to go through. He backed off his threat and Congress approved SS, all unconstitutional.
Plus Duck, if you read the original SS act you will see that NOTHING in it could be changed. In '39 they broke their own law and changed it to allow for amendments. Medicare is part of SS placed in by unconstitutional changes to the original SS act. No Court has ruled that the changes to allow amendments are constitutional. Only two cases , both in '37 made the SS original act constitutional. Now that makes OBAMANOCARE unconstitutional as well on just that one point for NOCARE changes the SS act as well as the unconstitutional Medicare.
Class Dismissed.

Ticker said...

Duck on Defence. It can and it will. Under the Republican Proposed Budget it is included and huge chunks are cut out beginning with cost overuns and putting the DOD contracts on the same terms as any civilian contract would be. Overuns have to be eaten by the contractor. Unions and union controlled companies are ticked off to say the least.