Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Reminder

Just a reminder of what happens when one gets too wound up in their work.  Take Heed!!

This picture was made just a few minutes from our house. I could not pass it up and had to turn around to go back to get this picture.  Getting wound up in your work was the first thing that came to my mind. Hope you enjoy.  


Debbie said...

A warning for getting too wound up in anything.

Right Truth

GM Roper said...

There is a roundness to this advice methinks.

Brenda Bowers said...

Dear Lordy but that is how I have been feeling lately: all wound up in a bale of sticky, scratchy stuff not knowing where or what and with my buns hanging out with "holy" undies on! My Grandma always told me to be sure I had nice undies on when I went out or this would happen, but I didn't listen. BB

Chuck said...

Getting stuck head first in something in my job could be disgusting.

Ticker said...

Lordy BB , leave it to you to bring a load of humor to the subject. I never checked the "holies" on this one. hahah.

Yep Chuck and then you would be like the libtards.

debbie sometimes ya just gotta try it. haha.

GM could be, could be, could be. Notice how round that was?

Chuck said...

Yeah except they have their head up their own

Always On Watch said...

I admit to sometimes getting all wound up in my work. **sigh**

Ticker said...

AOW, who doesn't in this day and time.

Z said...

that's funnY!
In Europe, you see those bales of hay like that (notsomuch in LA!) and I called them PICASSO SHEEP!

Chuck's remark is hilarious!