Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Music Gospel Time

William Golden, Baritone for the Oak Ridge Boys is the oldest member of this group . He was a fan when the group split in the early 60's and he recommend himself as a baritone singer.  He got the job. Today they are one of the best known Gospel groups in the US and continue to perform on programs such as the The Gaither 's as well as tour. 

Sit back, listen and enjoy as  they perform Life's Railway to Heaven.

And Doc Mary, this is especially for you!

Joe Bonsall
Duane Allen
William Lee Golden
Richard Sterban
Past members

Tommy Fairchild
Wally Fowler
Noel Fox
Smitty Gatlin
Jim Hammill
Herman Harper
Gary McSpadden
Ron Page
Steve Sanders
Willie Wynn


Z said...

I've got to admit I kept waiting for them to break into a faster version of the song after the first few measures, you know? but it's excellent as it is; they never disappoint.
As a singer, that story of the baritone being a fan and then becoming PART of the group ROCKS! HOW WONDERFUL!
THanks, Ticker, super stuff.
I have a Sunday Faith Blog I'd have liked you to have seen...could you come by and let me know what you think?
Have a blessed week. z

Ticker said...

Thanks Z. It is one of those songs that you expect a faster second verse but it was never written in that manner. Doing it A Capella is tremendous as these guys proved once again. They become the instruments and the voices all rolled into one on this song.

I never miss your Sunday Faith Blog. Sometimes I just don't have time to comment or your words have summed it up so well that I have nothing to add. I read yesterdays comments and decided not to add my own. I have an entire essay on "what does "have faith in God" mean. Maybe one day I'll post it but it is rather lengthy and most would become bored or turned off by the length.

Z said...

I just wondered what you thought of the TV big-haired evangelists and did hope you'd comment, whether you think they can be a hindrance to faith, too, but if you agreed with the whole thing, I'm good :-)
Thanks, Ticker.
And yes, I'm glad you expected a faster second verse, was SO expected I have to admit I had to damp myself down and just enjoy what they did, which I finally did!
There's nothing like really upbeat A CAPELLA.

Ticker said...

Z They do a version of "Just a Little Talk..." which is slow to fast and you'd like it. More on the televangelist later.

Always On Watch said...

Oh, that's so beautiful!

PS: Sorry for my recent absence here in commenting to your posts. Getting a new computer up and running is Herculean task!

Ticker said...

AOW, I know the feeling. Glad you are up and running again.