Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sunday's Gospel Music Time

George Beverly Shea

The Wonder Of It All - George Beverly Shea

He turned 102 years of age this past week. He is still singing! Indeed, The Wonder of It All.

Do you have a favorite gospel song or singer?


Anonymous said...

What a voice and at 102 still going strong!!

I grew up listening to my Grandfather's rich clear baritone voice singing in the choir or while he was sitting on the porch swing on a nice afternoon.

Elvis & the Jordanaires have always been a favorite of mine. When I hear him sing the gospel tunes it brings back those long ago days & I can hear my GF singing this one now:


Sue said...

I can't believe he is still singing to the glory of God! Thank you for posting this!

I have so many favorites...Jim and I tend to lean toward bluegrass gospel, but there are soooo many people out there singing about our Savior. Let me leave this one link. This young gentleman is the only son in the group "The Collingsworth Family", one of my faves. This song is also very timely, imho.

Ticker said...

Sue we love Bluegrass gospel and our son-in-law can lay some licks on a keyboard as well as singing and writing great Bluegrass. Our grandson is now joining in part time with guitar. He writes, sings and plays as well.
The wife's Uncle Chuck, an older member of the family, is also a talented musician and can really get into the Bluegrass like we use to hear years ago. He is from Elizabethton Tn. He has recorded for years but has nothing on Youtube. A shame.

Brenda Bowers said...

Thank you for this. I love old time gospel best, but have been listening to some of the new gospel rock and find I like it too. BB

Ticker said...

BB, I do like the new music that we use in church but I miss the days of the old gospel music. Age I suppose. Hhahaha.

Z said...

I have always been a big hymn girl but was asked to join our Praise Band about six months ago and am LOVING it...hey, give me a microphone and tell me I don't have to wear a choir robe, and I'm ONE HAPPY GIRL!
So, I'm just kind of coming onto Gospel but I've always like June Carter Cash and Johnny!

I cherish a CD with Johnny and Willy Nelson...very little known, I got it at a car wash and it's probably my favorite CD! It's got FAMILY BIBLE on it, etc..just wonderful!