Friday, February 25, 2011

Green and Slimy!

Income Redistribution: Of Green Schemes and Shams


Paybacks to the Green weenies at taxpayer expense.

Reports have surfaced that tie the Obama administration to a massive green energy stimulus scam by a failed California solar panel manufacturer whose billionaire majority owner happened to be a major fundraiser for the 2008 Obama-Biden campaign. Solyndra Inc. left taxpayers on the hook for $390.5 million by reneging on its promise to create 3,000 construction jobs and 1,000 manufacturing jobs. Instead of creating the president's utopian green manufacturing economy, Solyndra announced Nov. 3 that it planned to postpone expansion, close a plant and lay off workers. According to Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Cliff Stearns (R-FL), Solyndra should never have received a stimulus-guaranteed loan of $535 million. You don't say.

The Obama administration's government payback of its own campaign fundraiser's "green" enterprises -- that predictably never turn a profit -- has yet to prompt this administration to make meaningful efforts to stop fraud and waste. The government has no legitimate business trying to fund new industries and unproven startups. Sad how the Obama administration's green energy stimulus schemes continue to be financial calamities for the taxpayers.

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Ducky's here said...

Interesting. Same thing happened locally with Evergreen Solar.

They moved production to China where the government has an even higher rate of subsidy (financed by the balance of payment deficiencies ironically).

In Evergreen's case there was a state clawback so the loss was minimal but the bad news is that China owns this industry.

Too little too late. If Bush or Clinton had been behind this kind of effort we might not be playing catch up to China and Europe.

Ticker said...

DUCK'IF frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their butts every time they hop"

Solar is not a viable source of primary energy, neither is wind.

Nuclear is the only viable, proven source but yet it is continually ignored because of the "green weenies".

Until that(nuke fuel) is developed we need to use what we have in abundance, Oil and natural gas and stop wasting money on solar and wind.

Debbie said...

The "green" industry is going bust across the nation. It's nuts. Just drill all the oil we have here and use our own sources of energy that are proven.

Right Truth


Obama's "Wind & Solar" provide less than two percent of this nation's energy requirements.

Ticker is Correct.

Abundant Natural Gas, Nuclear Power Plants and our own Proven Oil Reserves are the best hope for the near term.

During the 2008 campaign, Governor Sarah Palin suggested that we should "Drill Now!" if we want two dollar per gallon fuel.

Now, we have over $3 gasoline, and $3.60 Diesel for the 18-Wheel truckers! Higher prices for food, plus goods and services are inevitable.

Alaska's ANWR and North Slope are lookin' OPEC protestor demonstration & riots threaten Saudi and Libya production. - reb

PJ said...

Snake Hunter, I'm temporarily camped out in J.C. TN and saw regular at 3.25 a few minutes ago. That means if I am back in Charlotte, it's 15 cents higher because of our state gas taxes. Wait another week and it's going to be up another 10 cents and the week after that....and the following week, who knows.

Obama and his lap dog at Treasury says the country can withstand 5.00 a gallon gas for a short while (my words), but that bunch of idiots at the White House and DOE and other agencies are clueless. Anyone want to re-experience the gas lines, shootings, stabbings, fights, and then odd-even purchase days?

We have the oil, but how long to get started pulling it out of the ground and to the market. Green energy, my ***. Our "leaders" on both sides of the political aisle have had nearly 38 years to get it right, but no one wanted to bite the bullet to keep us from becoming dependent on foreign oil imports (33% in 1973 to 65%-plus today.

Oh, and get ready for inflation, as has been noted. We get everything we eat and wear by truck. Then, our cost of getting to work is going to go up, leaving less discretionary funds to spend (besides, what average American has discretionary today.

This topic makes me so outraged, I could spit nails and start my own hardware store.

I'm done

Anonymous said...

"PJ", our "Rulers" aren't concerned with the price of fuel. They are all well off enough to not have to worry about what it costs to fill up their cars (Cadillacs, Mercedes, etc.)and SUVs. And they aren't worried about the "commoners", because they are so faar above us, and they are, after all, "The Rulers".

They can sit on their duffs, vote themselves raises, and forget about "The Commoners" having to give up something, just to get to work.

Old Rose

Ticker said...

Yes, Debbie they are going broke and most of them at taxpayer expense. Unfortunately those in charge don't care.

Snake Hunters, welcome aboard. Yes, every thing is going up in price. The cashier at the grocery store yesterday commented on my $214 grocery bill and said , you have about $80 worth of food when compared to two years ago. Uh, she was not of the Caucasian persuasion either. She said she saw people come in who probably wouldn't make it if prices keep going up over the next six months.

PJ, In the State of Taxus (NC) they love to see the high prices, more for the coffers of wasteful spending and don't look for Bev to cut much from her budget either.

Rose, you would have thought that at least the "lawmakers" recently elected would have gotten the message and would be screaming for Obama to obey the court order and start drilling. Looks as if we have another spineless bunch .

Chuck said...

Funny that there were all of the screams about Haliburton during the Bush years but I hadn't even heard of this.

Scotty said...

But Ticker, E-85 is going to save us all! (tongue in cheek)

Ticker said...

Yea, Scotty, if we could drink it!