Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday's Music Gospel Time

The Statler Brothers.

Despite the name, only two members are brothers and none have the Statler surname. The band, in fact, named themselves after a brand of facial tissue (they joked that they could have turned out to be the Kleenex)  Brothers Don Reid sang lead. Harold Reid, Don's older brother, sang bass. Phil Balsley sang baritone and Jimmy Fortune sang tenor after replacing original Statler Lew DeWitt in the early 1980s due to the latter's ill health.DeWitt died on August 15, 1990 of heart and kidney disease, complications of Crohn's disease.

They performed many years in Stanton Va for their annual home coming. I was privileged to attend more than a few of these.  Starting with a small crowd in the early 70's it grew to over 140 thousand in attendance at their last homecoming. I was there and the music was the best I had heard then do in years.  I will always remember that event. 

 Despite all their fame they were ever and always humble, fun loving and most of all great musicians.

And GM, this is for you my friend for you fully understand that He Is There


GM Roper said...

Ticker, thanks my friend, as always you know just what to post. And, truly, He Is Always There!

Ticker said...

Yep my friend. I knew that you would get the message. Those who know Him always do.

Z said...

THE KLEENEX? That's hilarious. A great group, for sure. I didn't know at least some of them weren't named Statler!

He IS always there, isn't He...and sometimes I'm stupid enough to forget. :-) And he ALWAYS reminds me somehow! THank GOD :-)

Debbie said...

Nice to have music for a change. So much going on in the world, it is mind boggling.

Right Truth

Always On Watch said...

I love the Statler Brothers! Those harmonies and the great feeling they express in their music.

I hope to see them on the other side.

Always On Watch said...

PS: I needed this encouraging song today.